Yuzo Koshiro's 'The Story Of Thor/Beyond Oasis' OST Is Being Re-Released On Vinyl | Time Extension (www.timeextension.com)
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Wayô Records has announced that it will release Yuzo Koshiro’s phenomenal soundtrack to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis action RPG The Story of Thor (known as Beyond Oasis in North America) as a limited edition double-LP this September. The music for this soundtrack was recorded directly from a Mega Drive console, following a meticulous process to obtain the best sound quality.

The release will contain 34 tracks across two marbled discs and comes with a 12-page booklet featuring insights and illustrations from the team, as well as a newly illustrated shikishi by artist Hitoshi Ariga. The first orders will also be signed by Yuzo Koshiro himself.

Pre-orders are open now 🎶


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best_username_ever@sh.itjust.works on 16 Jun 2024 14:23 collapse

I should be excited about it because it’s an amazing RPG, but what prevents them from selling the FLAC version on Bandcamp? I would buy everything, and instead I’ll get a random rip because vinyl is a stupid medium for this kind of music.

xycu@programming.dev on 17 Jun 2024 05:16 collapse

If you just want to listen to the music you can do that here: vgmrips.net/…/beyond-oasis-the-story-of-thor-mega…

best_username_ever@sh.itjust.works on 17 Jun 2024 05:23 collapse