What YouTube channels discuss Atari video games?
from VanHalbgott@lemmus.org to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 08 Jul 14:51

Besides the official Atari channel, that is.


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You_are_dust@lemm.ee on 08 Jul 15:12 next collapse

John Hancock does. He doesn’t exclusively do Atari, but he does cover Atari stuff. youtube.com/@johnhancockretro?si=TvBLLiBYTsCTeTyC

Teknikal@lemm.ee on 08 Jul 15:40 next collapse

There’s a newish YouTuber called Kari I’m kinda fascinated by as she seems really young and is somehow into old retro games and computers.

She hasn’t many videos but a lot of her content seems to be around the old et game.

I think I’m mainly just curious how she’s managed to get all the stuff she has and how the heck did she get into it.

otp@sh.itjust.works on 09 Jul 00:34 collapse

a newish YouTuber called Kari I’m kinda fascinated by as she seems really young and is somehow into old retro games and computers.

That’s a really long name!

Teknikal@lemm.ee on 09 Jul 01:22 collapse

Yeah I’m also wondering how she possibly got such a short name, she’s maybe 16/17 at my guess has an insane set up and the amount of retro stuff she had is insane.

I’m thinking maybe a millionaires kid or something but she does seem so into retro stuff my brain just can’t compute it.

But yeah she appeared out of nowhere about 6 months ago and her YouTube name is actually just Kari.

kamiheku@sopuli.xyz on 09 Jul 07:34 collapse

she’s maybe 16/17

Says she’s 21 in her bio. Could’ve landed a job in like finance or something at that age already I suppose

Teknikal@lemm.ee on 10 Jul 17:12 collapse

Yeah I’m bad at judging age of girls/women I think and always err on the side of caution. That’s a possibility she could well have achieved it herself.

My main wonder is how someone at that age gets fascinated by retro over the latest shinys. I mean I have nostalgia for certain older games and such but I still kind of would have all the latest stuff if I could.

Redkey@programming.dev on 08 Jul 16:23 next collapse

Zero Page Homebrew. That guy is absolutely on top of Atari homebrew. Every relase, demo, and announcement, as far as I can see.

Vaggumon@lemm.ee on 08 Jul 17:09 next collapse

GenXGrownup is great.


BroBot9000@lemmy.world on 08 Jul 19:10 next collapse

Angry Video Game Nerd

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 09 Jul 15:27 collapse


marlowe221@lemmy.world on 08 Jul 23:57 next collapse

Into the Vertical Blank

otp@sh.itjust.works on 09 Jul 00:32 next collapse

I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure LGR and Game Sack have done episodes on Atari games.

soyoyo@lemm.ee on 09 Jul 02:58 next collapse

Atari Archive. Kevin Bunch is going through all the officially released games chronologically.

Chee_Koala@lemmy.world on 09 Jul 12:45 collapse

Classic Game Room? Most Atari videos are bound to be 5-10 y old, but who cares, CGR is great and the vids too :-)