Out of Print Archive - classic video game magazines (www.outofprintarchive.com)
from lackthought@lemmy.sdf.org to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 12 Aug 2023 13:17 +0000

found this account on Mastodon and seems like a cool project trying to preserve some nice video game history


what magazines did you read as a kid? EGM was my favorite


Sparrow_1029@programming.dev on 12 Aug 2023 14:43 +0000 next

Me and my brother would sit in the magazine aisle at the grocery store and pore over Nintendo Power like it was a religious text lol

Also, you just made me remember getting all those demo discs with PlayStation magazine

FinalBoy1975@lemmy.world on 12 Aug 2023 18:54 +0000 next

You mean when I was a kid and had a dinosaur as a pet instead of a dog? Compute!'s Gazette, Compute!, Ahoy!, Your 64. Amiga Format, Electronic Games, Nintendo Power, and some other magazines I can’t remember. I was a junky for magazines and still am.

bigb@lemmy.world on 12 Aug 2023 19:36 +0000 next

I grew up in the U.S., so Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Tips & Tricks were my favorites in elementary school. Then I discovered EGM and was hooked through college. I’m still sad about 1up.com.

hamburglar26@wilbo.tech on 12 Aug 2023 21:33 +0000 next

Computer Gaming World was my favorite.

Thankfully there is a handy archive of it!


UKFilmNerd@feddit.uk on 12 Aug 2023 23:53 +0000 next

Growing up, I was quite brand loyal with occasional dips to other magazines if the freebies were any good.

ZX Spectrum - Crash magazine Atari ST - ST Format with semi regular copies of ST Action depending on the demo disks. PC - PC Format. Dreamcast - The official Dreamcast magazine, it was the only one with demo CDs. GameCube - I honestly can’t remember which magazine but I definitely bought one regulary.

By the time I had the first Xbox, all reviews and news I was getting from the internet.

laconicsoftware@lemmy.ml on 13 Aug 2023 00:31 +0000 next

The dude who runs this on Mastodon is a pretty cool dude. I follow him and sometimes we talk about a print he posted. He’s always down to discuss some games haha.

dangblingus@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 15 Aug 2023 15:54 +0000

IA has a TON of old gaming magazines. Will always have a soft spot for Nintendo Power, but also the hype gen 5 magazines of the 90s like Saturn and Official PS magazine