GBA ‘Mega Man Mania’ Collection Is Being Brought Back To Life By Fans, Two Decades After Its Cancellation -- Retro Gaming News 24/7 (
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Fans of the Mega Man series were excited about the announcement of Mega Man Mania for the GBA in 2004, as it offered a modern-day collection of the classic Game Boy Mega Man games. Unfortunately, the project was canceled shortly after. However, fans are now reviving this idea and working on remastering and coloring the original five Game Boy Mega Man games to create a compilation for the GBA.

The focus is on bringing new life to these classic games for fans to enjoy once again. This fan project aims to colorize and remaster the five Mega Man titles on Game Boy, with plans to eventually create a compilation for the GBA. This collection could be a dream come true for many retro gaming enthusiasts.


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Mega Man fans are the best, and Capcom treats them worse than Sega treats Sonic fans. on 14 Jun 2024 14:18 collapse

I can’t name a series with as many great games across so many different sub-series as Mega Man, it’s nuts the last Mega Man game came out 6 years ago after an 8 year drought on 14 Jun 2024 16:29 collapse

Both Battle Network Legacy Collection and Mega Man X DiVE were released last year though? on 14 Jun 2024 21:24 collapse

BN LC is 20-something year old roms, so that’s not new. And wasn’t X DiVE just a mobile gatcha game? on 15 Jun 2024 01:04 next collapse

I was bummed when Mega Man Mania was mysteriously canceled. I wish this were an official project, but I’ll take it. I just hope they don’t make any gameplay or (let’s call it) story modifications and stick to upgraded visuals only. on 15 Jun 2024 06:45 collapse

If this project gets finished this might be how I finally play a Mega Man game for the first time.