"Resurrected" Sega Neptune Console Gets Its First Exclusive, Sword Of The Apocalypse | Time Extension (www.timeextension.com)
from ktec@lemmy.zip to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 09 Jul 08:28

The “Resurrected” Sega Neptune console has taken a significant step forward with the unveiling of its first exclusive game: Sword of the Apocalypse. This 2D side-scrolling action platformer echoes the style of classic titles like Shinobi, blending nostalgic gameplay with modern flair. The unreleased Sega Neptune would have combined the Mega Drive/Genesis and 32X.

Developers have confirmed that the game is not only coming to standard Mega Drive hardware but will also take full advantage of the Neptune’s or 32X’s capabilities when played on those devices, promising an enhanced experience. The GF1 Neptune, being the FPGA form of the Sega Neptune, aims to deliver a unique experience.

Has the GF1 Neptune piqued your interest? Is there enough benefit from combining the Mega Drive/Genesis and 32X?


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ghostsinthephotograph@lemmy.world on 09 Jul 08:41 next collapse

I am rooting for this platform.

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 09 Jul 15:37 next collapse

So cool.

drasglaf@sh.itjust.works on 09 Jul 17:38 collapse

If it’s not too expensive and there is an easy way to hook it to a CRT monitor, I might consider getting one.