Repaired and repainted a curbside CRT to match my NES.
from to on 28 May 23:54

Repaired some broken solder joints, sanded out the biggest scuffs and polished most of the scratches out of the screen. Oh yeah, and the paint job.


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That looks very good. Nice work on 29 May 00:05 collapse

Thanks, I thought it would be a weekend job, took a month 🙃 on 29 May 01:12 collapse

Ah yes. The ol’ “God dammit…I’ll do it later!” routine. I’m quite versed in the art of procrastination.

What you don’t know is that I typed this message 10 minutes ago. I’m just now getting around to hitting the “reply” button to post it. on 29 May 02:41 collapse

But how many tabs do you have open? ;) on 29 May 00:16 next collapse

Nice looks great. on 29 May 00:17 next collapse

Very tasteful. on 29 May 00:31 collapse

Thanks, it was my first stab at painting something other than a wall. on 29 May 01:10 collapse

…your childhood makes me sad.

Your new crt makes me happy!

Emotions are hard… on 29 May 02:44 next collapse

Hence by filling a room with old computers and TVs so I will never have to go outside again. on 29 May 08:29 collapse

…ok, I’m moving into this room. Reddit loves Nutella. What snack food does Lemmy love, that I should bring?

The comedian in me wants to say cocaine, but lets face it…Lemmy is a bunch of linux nerds. I HIGHLY doubt cocaine is what would best represent this platform.

…so what are we thinking? Oreos? I got some potatoe chips in the cabinette. on 29 May 08:36 next collapse

Nah, cocaine good. Easy cheese and ritz too. on 30 May 08:16 collapse

Garlic bread. on 30 May 08:28 collapse

Alright, yeah. I can get behind that. on 29 May 06:31 collapse

I relate to him. My dad always worried that I would mess up the carpet, so I never had anything messy. on 29 May 08:26 collapse

If that had been me, I honestly would have taken a shit on the rug, smeared it in, and THEN turned the thermastat way up.

You ruin the carpet. You make your dad clean a mess. AND you touch the thermastat which dads hate. on 29 May 00:58 next collapse

Neat, good work! on 29 May 02:43 collapse

Thanks, the screen still needs another many hours of polishing but I’m still happy with it. on 29 May 01:10 next collapse

That is sexy as fuck. on 29 May 02:42 collapse

I was going to just repaint it in the original colours but ‘why not, why shouldn’t I make it awesome?’ on 29 May 02:52 collapse

You have chosen…wisely. on 29 May 01:18 next collapse

Part of me wants that tv. Part of me has absolutely no room at my place. Part of me wants to be home so I can play super mario bros. And part of me just wants to be sent back to the 80s…take me away from this AWFUL decade. Everything sucks now, and the people who are in charge are rewarded for making it worse.

I want to go home…and it’s weird to think of a decade as home. But this isn’t home. on 29 May 02:40 next collapse

…this is the 4th CRT in that room. There another TV a VGA monitor and a Macintosh SE. I’m slowing turning it into my reclusive shut-in cave. on 29 May 04:58 collapse

Is this a “Not enough connections” problem? Or an “I’m having a midlife breakdown, and an abundance of disposable income”?

Because shit…I can get behind the second one. A friend who has TOO MUCH MONEY to spend, and a love for retro gaming? Hell yeah!

Throw in a 24 pack of beer, and we got a night where I’m gonna kick your ass in Goldeneye007 on N64!!! No oddjob. on 29 May 04:31 collapse

I’ve never heard a more apt statement about a time period… on 29 May 01:20 next collapse

That looks amazing. Makes me wonder why they didn’t sell a monitor like this back in the day. on 29 May 02:28 collapse

Hmmm, makes me wonder why there aren’t themed bezels for monitors today. on 29 May 02:15 next collapse

Now you just need a little sticker for the corner.


Entertainment System on 29 May 02:26 collapse

I did think about vinyl cutting some stickers or getting something custom made up but I never decided on anything. on 29 May 02:36 collapse

I’d recommend Rockin Monkey if you wanted to do stickers, they’ve been awesome when I’ve had them do orders. Unfortunately the smallest batch they’ll do is 10. I’m guessing you don’t need 10 TV stickers… I don’t remember how small Spring will print.

I can do a couple quick mockups for you if you’d like. I’m just procrastinating at work. on 29 May 02:51 collapse

Rockin Monkey

Oh no, I didn’t need another custom printing company in my bookmarks list…

I might try to make a stencil, I’ve had good luck with those: on 29 May 02:55 collapse

I love that! Sand blasted or etched? on 29 May 03:02 collapse

Sand blasted. You can get one the size of an airbrush that is meant for cleaning jewelry (I think), it works awesome on glass. on 29 May 03:38 collapse

My mom’s been doing stained glass for years, so she’s got one of the decent ones. I’ve been dying to do some projects with that and her Cricut…

Not sure how Lemmy’s gonna butcher this, it looks like it played nicely. Did a couple versions. Tried to be as close to the original kearning and font ratios as I could just eyeballing it. I’m more a fan of the top one, personally. Feel free to use it if you do decide to do it. Let us know how it turns out!

<img alt="" src=""> on 29 May 03:54 collapse

Those kick ass! If I can get a decent vinyl cut I will go with the top one. It looks pretty legit. Thanks! on 29 May 04:00 collapse

No problem at all, first time I’ve had an excuse to open gimp in like a year. on 29 May 02:43 next collapse

That is awesome, nice work. on 29 May 02:54 collapse

Thanks, my cats love it too, they’ve never seen a warm CRT before. on 29 May 04:51 next collapse

Cute! Good call on the shiny finish. on 29 May 05:00 collapse

Thanks, I was surprised how glossy it came out for rattle can paint. on 29 May 05:16 collapse

Oh wow I assumed you put a clear coat on it or something. Def came out great on 29 May 05:18 collapse

I read the can this time and did 3 or 4 thin coats of each colour in stead of my normal approach. on 29 May 08:52 next collapse

This looks so sick, great job! on 30 May 07:02 next collapse

Looks great! I regularly cruise through my town’s thrift shops and chase garage sale signs often in hunt for a good CRT. Jealous of your find and your awesome skills!! on 30 May 15:08 next collapse

Nice work!

Out of curiosity, what repairs did the CRT need?

Obligatory safety disclaimer for people who want to repair old TVs: Messing with some of those electronics can be very dangerous. on 30 May 21:08 collapse

The board was soaked and needed cleaning, the rca jacks were broken off and the screen had some deep scratches. I was only able to get the scratches about halfway polished out though, cerium isn’t quite aggressive enough. on 31 May 01:42 next collapse

It looks great! 🙂

OMG I just came home with a Sanyo DS13320 from the side of the road and I am ECSTATIC!!! It couldn’t be more perfect for an NES, and it looks in great condition externally.

I haven’t plugged it in yet. It doesn’t appear to be wet anywhere outside or inside, so hopefully it was put outside after it rained this morning.

Should I do or check anything before plugging it in and trying to power it on? on 31 May 03:01 collapse


If it looks like it’s never been wet plug it into a power bar so you can flip it off if anything goes ‘wrong’. If you aren’t sure it’s totally dry a day in a warm room wont hurt it (I left mine in the garage for a week but mostly out of apathy). on 04 Jun 11:21 collapse