My Dreamcast Setup
from to on 13 Jan 2024 16:05

Included games:

  1. Sonic Adventure
  2. Soul Caliber
  3. Space Channel 5
  4. Jet Set Radio
  5. Power Stone
  6. Time Stalkers
  7. Shenmue
  8. Crazy Taxi
  9. ChuChu Rocket!
  10. Worms Armageddon
  11. Quake III Arena
  12. Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2*

*not working

#retrogaming on 13 Jan 2024 17:26 next collapse

It’s worth checking out Metropolis Street Racer and F355 Challenge if you’re into driving games. Also Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was really nicely done.

I loved my Dreamcast, such a pity it couldn’t be developed further on 14 Jan 2024 01:41 next collapse

Test Drive Le Mans is excellent as well for circuit racing. on 30 Jan 22:44 collapse

Don’t forget about Star Wars Episode 1 Podracer! on 13 Jan 2024 21:10 next collapse

Oh nice, I hadn't heard of Dreampipe! I'll have to check it out. I mostly just play DC games using an emulator for convenience, but sometimes I feel the urge to use the actual system.

What are you using to connect it to the TV? I have a Dreamcast VGA box from forever ago, and then I bought a VGA-to-HDMI converter. Is there a better setup nowadays? on 13 Jan 2024 22:31 collapse

My TV has AV input that I use for my consoles. on 13 Jan 2024 23:11 next collapse

isn’t dreamcast supposed to be in 4x3? on 14 Jan 2024 15:17 collapse

My TV is set to a wider ratio for AV inputs. on 15 Jan 2024 12:33 collapse

You should be able to change the aspect ratio with your remote! on 14 Jan 2024 02:01 next collapse

We played a lot of PSO on the Dreamcast but my true love was Armada on 14 Jan 2024 03:40 next collapse

I’m sorry I ever let mine go. It was a great emulation platform, and I ran all kinds of retro games on it. I also miss Skies of Arcadia, which I’ve always felt was underrated. on 14 Jan 2024 15:01 collapse

Fucking awesome. I love my Dreamcast, but it stopped reading discs recently :/ on 15 Jan 2024 05:09 collapse

If you care to spend the money they do make optical drive emulators. These will trade an optical drive for an sd card. Kind of like adding an everdrive to a cart systems.

Optical Drive Emulators for Sega Dreamcast on 15 Jan 2024 14:10 collapse

Oh, that sounds awesome! I think that the general aesthetic that Dreamcast games have is unmatched, probably would be the one system I mod.