Capcom and GOG join forces to release the original Resident Evil™ trilogy! (
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In joint efforts with the original creators, Capcom, we’re thrilled to announce the re-release of the original Resident Evil™, the groundbreaking series that heralded the golden age of the survival horror genre!

This iconic classic is now available with all its original content intact, featuring quality of life improvements and enhanced compatibility for modern systems. As part of GOG’s ongoing effort to protect and preserve classic games, Resident Evil is now available on the DRM-free GOG store!


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25 for the bundle is perfect. Each of these games could probably sell for 15-20 alone.

I’ll probably pick this up after seeing a review of it on the steam deck.

I played resident evil 3 first and fell in love with the series. God, that wa before ps2 was out. It was so long ago. on 26 Jun 17:57 next collapse

It’s so nice to see a developer doing this rather then going the “Here’s a updated version of the game! Also we’re removing access the originals so it’s the only version available now.” route. on 27 Jun 01:07 next collapse

This is fantastic news for such a classic series, especially since the most accessible versions have just been the remakes with their different take on the games. If anyone wants to see a preview / review of the first two ports Suzi from TheSphereHunter on YouTube has already put out a video covering it. on 27 Jun 03:34 next collapse

Colour me double-surprised! Not only is it available for purchase in Japan, but also the descriptions for the individual games even have full Japanese translations, right down to the system requirements! on 27 Jun 09:20 collapse

I tried to replay resident evil 1 on my mini PSX. It’s hard! I remember speedrunning it as a child but I kept getting munched by the first zombie