Showing the destination before the journey - Dragon Warrior
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When you start playing Dragon Warrior you are given an important message by the king, the bad guy is back and you need to stop him. As you step outside the castle and are taken to the world map this is what you see.

That castle on the bottom right, surrounded by a poisonous bog, is your destination. If you could cross a few water tiles you could confront the Dragonlord right now. Unfortunately that cannot be done, and instead the game takes you on a journey through points 1 to 13 listed in the original image.

The effect is neat at the end of the game as well. As you approach the villain’s lair you can see the castle where it all began.


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Thanks Nintendo Power for this free game for subscribing. I must have played through 10+ times as a kid and a few times as an adult. One of my favorite games. on 16 Sep 2023 12:43 next collapse

I found it at a retro store when I was in college. I was collecting NES games at the time and would buy anything with “dragon” in the name. Definitely worth the price, though getting it for free sounds great! on 16 Sep 2023 12:47 next collapse

I remember the ad. I had no idea what a “Game Pak” was so I never took advantage of the offer. Seemed too good to be true if that meant an actual game. on 16 Sep 2023 12:52 next collapse

Same. That weird free game started a lifelong appreciation for the genre. on 16 Sep 2023 13:04 next collapse

My best friend had it. We spent a lot of time playing it! Also Zelda and Zelda II. Dragon Warrior was always my favorite, though. on 16 Sep 2023 19:26 next collapse

That’s how I got mine too! I had forgotten all about that fact until now. on 16 Sep 2023 23:23 collapse

This is how I got it. The only issue is I didn’t really understand how I was supposed to play the game so I would just run randomly about and die. Never made any progress but I remember it fondly. on 17 Sep 2023 03:40 collapse

This map and the guide all came in Nintendo Power. on 16 Sep 2023 13:02 next collapse

Great now I need to find time to play Dragon Warrior again. on 16 Sep 2023 14:47 next collapse

The first four dragon warriors/quests were surprisingly ambitious.

DW is one of the first console RPGs.

DW2 is in many ways the template for a generation of RPGs, with progressively gathering party members and opening up the map via gaining new travel modes.

DW3 is still amazing. The party creation and job system is done better than most other attempts at it. And returning the old world was so cool.

DW4 had a true multi-perspective narrative with a detailed story. Unlike anything else that had come out before.

Later DW/DQs stopped innovating as much and stagnated, much as the entire JRPG genre feels stagnant. on 16 Sep 2023 15:50 next collapse

DQ5 wasn’t the first generation game or the first monster-catching game, but it was one of the earlier games to offer either and AFAIK the first game to offer both. on 16 Sep 2023 16:51 next collapse

I found they were on the Google play and wanted to play them all. Dragon Quest 1 went fairly well, beat it in about a week off casual play.

Dragon Quest 2 went poorly. Turns out there’s a bug in the game that makes random encounters MUCH higher than it should be. Just getting to the first town took me a week because moving more than 3 tiles generated an encounter.

Still haven’t beat 2 because of that. on 16 Sep 2023 17:51 next collapse

If you haven’t played 3 you absolutely should! I enjoy the first two games a lot but the third is something special. on 16 Sep 2023 21:24 collapse

I don’t remember dragon warrior 2 being that bad. Maybe it’s a ROM issue, maybe young me was more comfortable with a constant grind.

3 is special. It shows it’s age, but it’s very very good.

4 is a little more uneven, but I think it’s the first RPG to change your perspective/main character across the story. Also it has the best story of any JRPG I have ever played. on 16 Sep 2023 19:26 next collapse

It blew my mind recently when I found out that not only did it have sequels, but that sequels are still being made. I even subscribed to Nintendo Power and somehow missed all of them. on 16 Sep 2023 21:45 collapse

I just finished dq11 which i thought was really enjoyable. on 17 Sep 2023 01:30 collapse

I think the later DQs are enjoyable, but they feel stagnant.

It’s my problem with many games. Rarely does something new come along. This is likely a function of age alongside growing up when video games were new and completely different ideas and genres were formed. There is still innovation, but I feel JRPGs haven’t had anything new in a long time. on 16 Sep 2023 15:38 next collapse

I’m guessing that’s based on Tintagel castle near me 😅 on 16 Sep 2023 16:50 next collapse

Grinding Metal Slime flashbacks… PTSD! on 17 Sep 2023 04:04 collapse

What do you mean only 1 damage!? on 16 Sep 2023 17:38 next collapse

The first Final Fantasy kinda did that as well. You the up in the place where you fought the first boss, albeit fighting the final boss in a different time. on 16 Sep 2023 19:22 next collapse

Man, this really takes me back. I played this game endlessly as a kid. It was the first game I remember having a save file option, which was revolutionary to me, because before that when I was in the middle of a game I just had to pause and turn the TV off and hope my parents or siblings didn’t hit the on/off button on the NES console. That music is still burned into my mind three decades later.

Somehow I never realized until about a year ago that it spawned a long-running series under the name Dragon Quest (now up to eleven games) that still continues to this day. on 17 Sep 2023 15:52 collapse

great insight!