Final Fantasy XI now has RetroAchievements support via HorizonXI (
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Useful information for getting started can be found here.

As some of you may have already heard, we’ve been working with the HorizonXI team to bring RetroAchievements support to their Final Fantasy XI private server. Their ideology of maintaining that classic feel of the older FFXI era with some new experiences aligns well with the RA goal of bringing achievements to classic gaming experiences. FFXI holds a significant place in gaming history, especially as a landmark title for the PS2, and we’re hoping to introduce even more players to it with this partnership!

Today is the day that we release our initial sets to test out the new integration with their platform! This marks our first ever “Standalone” release on the RA platform–and through extension, the first “core+subset” type experience our site has to offer. Note: this is different than how emulators will implement this sort of feature, which still needs a lot of work before it comes to realization. There are only a few sets to start–but, if things go well, we plan to add many more sets that players can earn achievements in while playing the game ranging from expansions, endgame content, crafting, fishing, job-related goals, and more!

Final Fantasy XI (Standalone) (Check this forum for some useful info!)
Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart (Standalone)
Final Fantasy XI [Subset - Hero of Nations] (Standalone)

Massive thanks to Flam, Shozokui, Rogueone, WCopeland and everybody else involved for helping make this happen!

On the Horizon (Events)
In addition, we’re also holding a new event to celebrate this occasion where players will able to get a special badge (courtesy of @Jenettebaghead) for trying the game out and completing early game milestones! Read more about that here:

The launcher, as well as instructions on how to link to your RA account can be found at

Link your HorizonXI account to Discord at and then follow the instructions here to start earning achievements.

Join the RetroAchievements Discord to talk with fellow achievement hunters about the game in our #horizon-xi channel!

Join the HorizonXI Discord for game support and other useful resources!

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Nice, I’ve got a couple hundred hours in this private server and achievements will be fun. on 08 Feb 15:35 collapse

This is really cool. Definitely the kind of game I never imagined would get RetroAchievement support!