Looking for a set of 2 wireless PS2 controllers which can be swapped around to make either player 1 using only the controller itself
from Lafari@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 03:29

HELLO amazing helpful Lemmitors (Lemmians… Lemurs. Whatever). I hope I can explain this clearly. I desire a pair (2) of PlayStation 2 controllers which work wirelessly via the SAME wireless dongle stuck into BOTH PS2 controller ports at the same time. This allows me to turn one off while my friend on the other side of the room turns theirs on in order to switch who’s controlling player 1 for taking turns in single player games without having to throw one controller back and forth across the room. You may laugh but I have managed to find and purchase a controller that does exactly this off eBay, which is a ProGamer (brand) PS2 wireless 2-controller set with a single dongle that splits into 2 wires and plugs into both controller ports simultaneously and does exactly what I described. The problem is one of the controllers has a faulty analog stick that doesn’t activate when going left, and I can’t find this brand or this type of controller or anything like it to replace this set up. If you have any thoughts or solutions I would much appreciate it. Thank you 💚

And I should note that I’m unconcerned about the quality of the controller since my main requirement is for it to simply function properly and work in the ways I described. Thanks


Bartsbigbugbag@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 03:46 next collapse

You might look into repairing the joystick you have. I recently had a similar issue with my 360 controller after it sitting in storage for many years and a good contact cleaning got it working again.

If that doesn’t work, depending on your level of confidence, you could measure the pin pitch and note termination style and see if you can find a replacement joystick module to solder in somewhere. Maybe it used the same footprint as another controller, and you can drop it in and have it work.

Either way, good luck. I hope you succeed!

fuckwit_mcbumcrumble@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 03:49 next collapse

Have you tried taking the controller apart to see if you can replace the analog stick? Sometimes it just needs a good cleaning, sometimes you just need to quickly touch up a solder joint, or worst case solder in a new connection. Resoldering through hole components like the analog stick is pretty easy, it can just be tedious to disassemble the controller.

Lafari@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 03:52 collapse

I think this is next-level for what I’m capable of being a semi-idiot. But I appreciate the advice.

PastyWaterSnake@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 04:24 next collapse

I’ve had to take my PS2 controllers apart to clean them when I was like 11. Have some faith in yourself. At least they don’t have the spring-triggers like the following generations, unless your aftermarket ones do.

Also, this soldering job would not be hard at all. It can be done with a $1 flea market iron. Could probably re-use the old solder if you’re careful about it.

edgemaster72@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 07:35 collapse

Consider this though: if the controller is not usable in its current state due to the failing analog stick, what have you got to lose?

Chee_Koala@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 08:56 collapse

Chanting Fix, fix, fix, fix! Most analoge sticks need to be though if they are faulty, but you might have a compatible spare laying around!

vxx@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 05:59 next collapse

It seems like the dongle is the important part. Have you tried if you can pair another controller with your dongle?

Ashiette@lemmy.blahaj.zone on 02 Jan 2024 08:10 next collapse

Take your faulty controller to a repair store mate.

StorminNorman@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 10:56 next collapse

Just on your first bit. Lemmy initially came from good ole lemmings, so I’ve always just assumed the name for users here was lemmings…

RightHandOfIkaros@lemmy.world on 02 Jan 2024 17:50 next collapse


Don’t ever make that noise in my ear again, mate.

Regarding your joystick issue, have you considered replacing the joystick module, or taking it to an electronics repair shop? Joystick modules are generally pretty cheap individually.

Good_morning@lemmynsfw.com on 02 Jan 2024 19:35 collapse

Looks like most are saying to try to fix. But that’s not always workable, look up “pelican chameleon PS2 wireless” I only have one, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if you had 2, have the receiver on channel one, and switch whichever controller you want active to that channel. Not sure why you’d want both controller slots plugged in, but you could plug the 2nd receiver in and put on a different channel in case you wanted to play something 2 player. Other benefits, this is hands down the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held. If I still played anything on PS2 I’d buy a couple extra just in case.