Got the set 👍
from to on 02 Apr 2024 17:03

It took years grabbing these as they’ve popped up for decent prices, just recently grabbed V to finish it off. Wish III had been released as a GBA cart.


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What about original tactics? Or were you going for the GBA ports only? on 02 Apr 2024 17:38 collapse

Just GBA, Square Enix did all these releases for it and I’m a big fan of the series and the system. Just threw Tactics in because it’s also “Final Fantasy” on the GBA. And figured I’d put the DS III in there too for the hell of it.

I have the original Tactics installed on my PS Classic. 🤷 on 02 Apr 2024 17:44 collapse

Well it’s a dope collection! I’m pretty sure I have a few of these around somewhere. Maybe 1+2, 4, and tactics. on 02 Apr 2024 17:30 next collapse

I loved FFTA so much, and did not care as much for FFTA2 on DS. Easily sunk 1000 hours into my GBA copy. on 02 Apr 2024 19:57 collapse

FFTA is one of two games I have ever 100%'d. Played that game so much back in the day. The reward for 100% is awesome, and I have very fond memories for that game. on 02 Apr 2024 20:57 collapse

My understanding was you needed to have a second copy to 100% - I was always missing a specific mission item. So I never completed the game. on 02 Apr 2024 21:05 collapse

I recall there being a mission item that you need specific location placement to get so if you fucked up before hand, you couldn’t get it. on 02 Apr 2024 21:58 collapse

It was many moons ago, but I recall this is correct. You had to place locations in a specific pattern for some of the mission items and it was totally possible to do with a single cart, just you basically needed a guide to figure out all the combinations to create the right map. It was not a trivial thing, and I recall using gamefaqs a lot. on 02 Apr 2024 22:16 collapse

Time to reboot and replay!!! on 02 Apr 2024 17:34 next collapse

Emoji in headline, your joy is invalid.

Besides that: enjoy your invalid joy bro on 02 Apr 2024 18:04 next collapse

>no tactics advance 2 on 02 Apr 2024 18:14 collapse

I think that’s DS and not GBA. FF3 is posted in the pic because it was only released on DS and not GBA so the only way to have the “full” set is by showing 3 as the lone DS game. on 02 Apr 2024 21:57 collapse

Oh shit. Didn’t even realize that game boy is one from the next ruled my childhood so I don’t think I really notice the change from one to the next looking back, but Ashley love everything about dual screen stuff. Being able to see the stats up top or whatever was always the just smartest coolest thing for me but sometimes feel like I’m in the minority there on 02 Apr 2024 18:15 next collapse

Now do PSP. Great way to play those games. on 02 Apr 2024 18:18 collapse

I wish! I still don’t have a PSP or Vita 😮‍💨 on 03 Apr 2024 01:22 collapse

That could be… Arranged. on 02 Apr 2024 18:35 next collapse

If you love the older FF games, I do recommend the Pixel Remasters. They don’t come with the extra content they added for the GBA/DS re-releases, but they are very good remasters that do a great job of keeping the pixellated look and feel one might (generously) remember while visually improving everything in just about every regard.

And the redone soundtracks are phenomenal. on 02 Apr 2024 19:04 next collapse

I’ve been eyeing the collection on Switch! Just hard to justify when I have so many other ways to play those games already. My money is finite, unfortunately.

I do love the soundtracks though, and that also makes it tempting. I play a lot of theatrythm on both 3DS and Switch. on 02 Apr 2024 21:21 collapse

I’m still mad because I got about 3/4 of the way through the PR of 2 and it corrupted my save. on 02 Apr 2024 22:43 next collapse

Ouch, my sympathies. That’s the point where I’d unapologetically use the built in cheat modes and auto battle back to catch up, but even then that’s a pain to work back through. At least it was just 2 and not one of the longer ones like 5 or 6. on 03 Apr 2024 01:02 collapse

Ouch! For anyone else reading this thinking about playing the PR versions, just a note that I played through 3-6 with no issues whatsoever! on 02 Apr 2024 18:48 next collapse

Have you confirmed they are genuine? on 02 Apr 2024 18:58 next collapse

Yes I have, I open up every cart I purchase used and give it a good clean before testing it in a system. They are all genuine carts (and the DS FFIII I bought new on release). on 02 Apr 2024 19:22 collapse

Are counterfeit carts a concern? on 02 Apr 2024 19:40 collapse

Yeah gameboy games are commonly counterfeited. At best it’ll be the same experience, but that’s not guaranteed.…/identifying-fake-game-boy-adva… on 02 Apr 2024 19:45 collapse

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

stsp on 02 Apr 2024 21:55 collapse

I bought all the GBA FF games off eBay and only received counterfeit ones :-/ At least the ones I got don't have batteries in them. Saving makes the games freeze for a small time but other than that they are working.

Completed the FF V GBA counterfeit on a DS lite. Ended up playing through the DS versions of III and IV, also off eBay, which do not seem to be fakes fortunately. on 02 Apr 2024 19:46 next collapse

Shame they never released VII, VIII and IX for the DS. At the very least, the 3DS would have been able to handle all the way up to the PS2 games but SE just didn’t seem interested in remakes on Nintendo consoles anymore for whatever reason. on 02 Apr 2024 20:02 collapse

IX might be my favorite of all time, and I would have camped out overnight to have that on something like the DS.

At least we’re getting some re-releases on the Switch now. 🤷 on 03 Apr 2024 06:54 collapse

Final Fantasy 3 i think was the first rpg game I ever played as a kid that really sucked me in.