Favourite Retro games that can be found on Steam (Linux)
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Hands down. One of my favorite games of all time, an open world, hilarious, fun, sprawling adventure with music that slaps SO hard. Originally titled Star Control 2, went through some crazy copyright hell but now is getting an official sequel soon, over 30 years later.

EDIT: Oh wait, you said Linux. I think it works on Steam Deck and Proton though, does that count?

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EDIT: Oh wait, you said Linux. I think it works on Steam Deck and Proton though, does that count?

For the most part, if it runs on the steam deck and/or with proton, then it runs on Linux.

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steamdeck runs on linux,
proton is a “Compatibility layer” to run windows only games on linux.

so yes, that means it runs on linux.

CosmicCleric@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 03:24 next collapse

Would love to see a lot of responses to this post, as this thread could become a curated list of great retro games to play on Linux.

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MamboGator@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 04:34 next collapse

Giants: Citizen Kabuto


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

X-Wing Alliance


These were some of my favourite games as a kid/teenager. There are a lot more but I didn’t want to dump a giant list in the comments.

I’ve played them all on my Steam Deck so they definitely run on linux.

EvilBit@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 05:15 next collapse

Oh man, Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a gem. Nice call.

MamboGator@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:25 collapse

If you haven’t already checked it out, Armed and Dangerous is by the same studio and is very similar in terms of gameplay and humor. Not quite as polished, but a lot funnier in my opinion.

EvilBit@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 13:53 collapse

I did play it. It was silly and fun, but the gameplay felt so much more banal than GCK, which was amazingly All The Genres and shockingly successful at it.

Daxtron2@startrek.website on 26 Apr 05:15 next collapse

OpenMW is an engine rewrite for Morrowind that also has Linux builds and multiplayer support if that’s your thing.

MamboGator@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:28 collapse

I saw this Criken video a while ago of him playing it with friends and it looks awesome. The video is hilarious too.

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Love criken and his friends. Been watching a lot of charborg recently, super funny guy.

bitwaba@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:15 collapse

X-Wing Alliance is so freaking good

MamboGator@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:23 collapse

It’s definitely my favourite of the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games. I really like the story in it, focusing on a family caught up in the war.

bitwaba@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 16:50 collapse

Yeah, I thought that was so cool when I played it the first time. Gives you some insight into how the neutral parties went about trying to live their lives.

Although I really liked the story in TIE Fighter too with slowly beating back the rebellion while also trying to prevent internal sabotage and spies from stealing the TIE Defender.

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mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 05:45 next collapse

Wesnoth has always been pretty good.

metaStatic@kbin.social on 26 Apr 07:33 next collapse

Another World

42yeah@lemm.ee on 26 Apr 05:15 next collapse

Battle for Wesnoth!

Stormrvr@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:23 next collapse

Thief Gold and Thief 2, System Shock 1/2 👍

smeg@feddit.uk on 26 Apr 10:44 next collapse

Chip’s Challenge. It is a remake, but it was remade by the same guy, and it’s free!

Nacktmull@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 10:59 next collapse

FTL - Faster than Light

Crafter72@lemmy.world on 26 Apr 14:24 next collapse

og Counter Strike (1.6) available on native linux. It plays well even on toaster and lan play, we still have populated pub servers in South East Asia.

Another favourite of mine is og Doom 1 and Doom 2, if you want to modernize (and better mod support) the game, use gzdoom source port.

Mint_Raccoon@kbin.social on 26 Apr 14:49 collapse

Jet Set Radio

It's through Proton, but the game runs flawlessly. Do note that you're really going to want a controller for this one. Playing this with a keyboard is a miserable experience. Another thing is that there's an unofficial tool for importing images over your custom graffiti, but it's for Windows and I've never tried it with Wine.