Review of Aftermarket VMU for Sega Dreamcast - VM2 by Dreamware Enterprises (
from to on 28 Oct 2023 15:29

I made this video review of a new aftermarket VMU for the Dreamcast. Infinite virtual VMUs!


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Ordered mine a year ago, and still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Between this and my HDMI mod I need to apply, I think my Dreamcast may be coming out of storage soon. on 28 Oct 2023 16:48 collapse

Nice dude, I’ve got the first gen DCDigital and don’t think I’ll be upgrading because it’s good enough for me and I think I’ll use an external scaler instead with it and other devices.

I’ve spent way too much on my Dreamcast. It’s got a MODE, DCdigital, and now this VM2. It’s an awesome system, I love it! I only wish there were more minigames for the VMU that had more features. I’m sure it’s hard to do with only 128kb though so I get it.