Rage (Xbox360)
from UKFilmNerd@feddit.uk to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 29 Jun 21:48

I’ve spent four hours playing Rage today via the Xbox Series backwards compatibility. (Is it emulation or real hardware?)

Anyway, for an Xbox360 game I think this looks really good and still holds up today. The speedy loading times certainly help as well.

I did try and play a while ago on the PS3. I don’t know if Rage was pushing the PS3 to the limit, but as you turned around, you would catch models and textures loading in. Apparently you could alleviate this a bit by installing an SSD but you’re still limited by the PS3’s older SATA connection.

Having played this on my Series X, I don’t know if the Xbox Series is almost void of this because of the modern hardware or if the Xbox360 version was actually the better machine with this game engine.

I completed Rage 2 a year or so ago when it was given away free on the Epic Game Store and loved it. The original game is essentially the same but on a much smaller scale. It’s a balanced gameplay of driving and FPSs sections.

I LOL’d on my first encounter when I’ve if the bad guys shouted, “Where’s that wanker!” 😆


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cyberpunk007@lemmy.ca on 29 Jun 22:27 next collapse

I think I have a different opinion on “retro” 😂

UKFilmNerd@feddit.uk on 29 Jun 22:29 next collapse

13 years old, isn’t it enough? 😆

B0NK3RS@lemmy.world on 29 Jun 23:31 next collapse

No not really but it’s all subjective anyway.

I remember RAGE we good the first time I played but I really struggled with it last year when I tried it again. Also John Goodman voiced a character at the beginning and then buggers off never to be seen again…

UKFilmNerd@feddit.uk on 30 Jun 14:10 collapse

I see what you mean. They could only afford so many lines of dialogue! 😆

cyberpunk007@lemmy.ca on 29 Jun 23:31 next collapse

I’m speaking my age but in my head retro is frozen in time to be anything prior to the year 2000 😂. That’s just my opinion

M500@lemmy.ml on 30 Jun 00:59 collapse

For me retro is ps2 gen and earlier.

360 came out when I was in university, so for me, that is jumbled into my adult life.

fuckwit_mcbumcrumble@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 30 Jun 02:49 collapse

I wouldn’t even consider PS2 retro. Maybe some of the earliest PS2 games. But for the most part to me it’s pre Y2K.

M500@lemmy.ml on 01 Jul 02:56 collapse

Thinking about it more, I like to draw the line there as everything after this generation had some level of internet connectivity. Also PC ports started to become common during this time.

Once the internet got involved i think gaming in general started to get worse with all the dlc, and micro transactions.

So the golden age of gaming, for me, is ps2 and earlier which I like to think of as retro.

Sneptaur@pawb.social on 30 Jun 04:40 next collapse

7th generation is retro. I’m sorry but the PS3 and 360 came out almost 20 years ago. The 360 is as old now as the NES was back then

cyberpunk007@lemmy.ca on 30 Jun 05:35 next collapse

I’m not saying you’re wrong

zazilicious@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 08:00 collapse

Jesus Christ, please don’t say that. I hate the passage of linear time.

azurekevin@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 01:06 collapse

As far as I’m concerned, RAGE is a modern game. It even looks and plays like a modern game, so it can’t really be retro.

To call it retro is like saying League of Legends is retro because it came out in 2009.

cyberpunk007@lemmy.ca on 01 Jul 02:19 collapse

I agree with this

narc0tic_bird@lemm.ee on 29 Jun 23:46 next collapse

Games using the id tech engine were often affected by visible texture pop in, and apparently the PS3 version was affected more than the 360 version, but the latter still was noticeably affected. Rage uses id tech 5, but I remember playing BRINK (id tech 4) on PS3 which had no mandatory install (it ran from the disc without installing anything to the HDD upfront), but used the HDD extensively for caching texture data. After I upgraded from the standard 5400 rpm HDD to a 7200 rpm HDD I remember texture pop-in was noticeably reduced.

Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One or Series isn’t really accurately emulating the hardware, instead it translates the original code to something the One and Series understand.

fuckwit_mcbumcrumble@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 30 Jun 02:50 next collapse

Is the xbone version even translation? I figured they just recompiled the game for the One since there’s a lot of differences in some games.

narc0tic_bird@lemm.ee on 30 Jun 08:06 collapse

I’m not 100 % sure how it exactly works, but I think Microsoft recompiles/translates the games and you then download the changed binary instead of playing off your disc (which is also why texture streaming should be a lot faster).

This is most likely a process that’s automated for the most part though. And I highly doubt it’s recompiled from source, that’s why I called it “translated”.

YungOnions@sh.itjust.works on 30 Jun 12:38 collapse

Man, Brink had so much promise…

tombruzzo@lemm.ee on 30 Jun 07:10 collapse

The gunplay in this was really good. The AI was responsive and enemies had plenty of animations.

Those wasteland mutants you first fight would dodge out of the way if you aimed down the sights at them, jump off things, and throw this boomerangs at you. There was too much fluff between gunfights but they were a highlight for me