I've been having a Burnout 3 obsession lately
from Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 21:25

Almost got all the golds!


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cloudless@feddit.uk on 22 Feb 2024 21:49 next collapse

My favourite racing game of all time. Too bad the franchise was ruined by EA.

atmur@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:59 collapse

More “left to rot” than ruined. Paradise was great too, and then there was nothing until Paradise Remastered (unless you count that one mobile game).

Tedrow@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 23:15 collapse

Paradise was great, but I think strict tracks are way better than finding your way from point A to point B.

graymess@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 01:19 collapse

It’s such a buzzkill to lose a race because you took a turn you shouldn’t have after blazing through the first 3/4 of it in first. For a game that requires twitch reactions at high speeds, it certainly was a choice to make players have to constantly take their eyes off the road to find the map.

Tedrow@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 01:36 collapse

It was so frustrating. It would be better if they had tracks set up after you start a race.

banichan@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:06 next collapse

Revenge was my favorite, but nothing beats BO2 Crash Mode

walter_wiggles@lemmy.nz on 22 Feb 2024 22:16 next collapse

You can do it!

Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 23:43 collapse

Thanks! Some of those burning laps are brutal

thewitchslayer@sh.itjust.works on 23 Feb 2024 02:51 collapse

I remember the burning lap with the F1 car being the race that I couldn’t beat as a kid. Now I’ll have to go back and try it again

something_random_tho@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:26 next collapse

The soundtrack was so good.

knova@infosec.pub on 22 Feb 2024 22:27 next collapse

Love that game.

ivanafterall@kbin.social on 22 Feb 2024 22:29 next collapse

Check out Beam.NG, if you haven't. It's about as close as a modern game gets to the same level of sheer joy and fun, but it isn't as well-packaged and intuitive.

GoOnASteamTrain@lemmy.ml on 23 Feb 2024 01:32 collapse

That looks great, wishlisting tomorrow definitely! I miss simple racing games, so sounds like my cup of tea! :)

Hehe my lemmy client saw the game’s name as a link, and it went to a strange redirect thing! Here’s a link to the game if it helps anyone :) www.beamng.com/game/

Donjuanme@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:29 next collapse

Ugh. I don’t mind more the encroaching of the definition of retro, but can we have sub classifications? Burnout 3 has to be generation 7 or 8 in consoles right? My retro ends at Gen 3…

Now please remove yourselves from my lawn before I feel the need to apologize at you for asking you to remove yourself from my lawn.

atmur@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:52 next collapse

Burnout 3 is a PS2/Xbox game, 6th gen. It definitely holds up better than a lot of 7th gen games though.

Donjuanme@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 23:01 collapse

6th Gen? Man they pumped a lot of sequels back in those days. I’d probably take it today opposed to our Skyrim/GTA cycles and games as a service.

Skezlarr@aussie.zone on 22 Feb 2024 23:30 next collapse

I think it’s Gen 6 (PS2/Xbox). But at the time the Gen 6 consoles were new, the Gen 3 that you consider retro was about 20 years old, just like these consoles are now. I think they still fit the label of retro pretty well, but it’s always hard to consider something newer than your childhood as “old” tbh

Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 23:42 collapse

I’m playing on a Trinitron that’s gotta count for something!

UKFilmNerd@feddit.uk on 22 Feb 2024 22:42 next collapse

A couple of years ago, I played through Burnout 2 on the Wii. It’s still a fantastic racer. I’m sure I had Burnout 3 on the original Xbox but I can’t remember much about it.

atmur@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 22:48 next collapse

I’ve been playing Burnout Revenge on my Steam Deck recently. It’s incredible how well the Burnout series has aged, still some of the best arcade racers out there.

cyberpunk007@lemmy.ca on 23 Feb 2024 03:08 collapse

Played the shit out of 3, then even moreso paradise city. Then I bought paradise city again on PC. Then on switch lol. Mobile burnout is fun… Love that game.

boogetyboo@aussie.zone on 22 Feb 2024 22:55 next collapse

Omg I loved this game!!! Such a cathartic thing to do after a shitty day at work.

HornyOnMain@kbin.social on 22 Feb 2024 23:05 next collapse

🎵We are the Lazy Generation🎵

neuroneiro@lemmy.world on 22 Feb 2024 23:20 next collapse

Boom! Boom… boom… BoomkaBOOM… Kaboom… BOOM!.. boom.boom.BOOM! KABOOM! KABLOOEY! boom… BOOM!..BOOM!..BoomKABOOM!..boom… *Continues for 8 minutes Boom… boom… boom… BOOM! *Fire crackle

moonleay@feddit.de on 22 Feb 2024 23:43 next collapse

Saw the Burnout series in this youtube video once.

Never played it, it does look like fun though, I’d like to play it sometime.

Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world on 24 Feb 2024 23:35 collapse

That was really interesting, thanks for sharing!

nfsu2@feddit.cl on 22 Feb 2024 23:45 next collapse

Can’t remember what Need For Speed had a demo of Burnout Dominator(I think) bundled, but it made me but the full game.

lemann@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 23 Feb 2024 01:19 next collapse

Soundtrack started playing in my head as soon as I saw that picture 😂 miss playing this on my old Trinitron.

Favourite game on PS2, hands down

Stache_@lemmy.ml on 23 Feb 2024 02:34 next collapse

Oh yeah! I played Burnout Legends on my psp for years. A couple years ago I pulled it back out and played it again, so many good memories.

Loved listening to “Lights and Sounds” by Yellowcard

criticon@lemmy.ca on 23 Feb 2024 03:06 next collapse

I had a modded PS2 and this game (back up) came in two discs. For some reason the chip got damaged at some point and I wasn’t able to swap discs so I could only play half the tracks but it still was my favorite game on that console

otacon239@feddit.de on 23 Feb 2024 03:32 next collapse

Was just emulating this last night. Thank heavens for PCSX2 at 4k60. The art is so well done in this game it still looks awesome at high res.

I still get flashbacks to the Tropical Drive Westbound time trial with the F1 car. Took me years before I got good enough to beat it. Also one of the first games that I got 100% on.

B0NK3RS@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 09:40 next collapse

Burnout 2 is my favourite. Spent so many hours back then taking it in turns playing with mates. This and NFS Underground…

Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 15:01 collapse

There is a NFS underground 2 demo on here that really made me miss that game. The little Nokia phone notification sound was a huge nostalgia hit

timo_timboo_@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 18:45 collapse

That looks really nice! What cables are you using on your CRT?

Rebels_Droppin@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 18:52 collapse

I am using component out of the PS2

timo_timboo_@lemmy.world on 23 Feb 2024 21:18 collapse

That makes sense. Looks awesome!