Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
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Seems like efficient design. Cords on the back, disc tray on the top with a couple buttons. Really the Gamecube is basically the same thing. on 08 Jun 19:49 next collapse

It was the style at the time! Lots of CD players had flip up tops, as did the Sega Saturn. I assume it was because the slide out tray mechanism was more expensive and also more fragile. on 08 Jun 19:51 next collapse

For a real trip check out this Japanese laptop:<img alt="" src=""> on 08 Jun 19:57 next collapse

A friend of mine had one of those. It was super sleek to look at, but the flip top doubling as a wrist rest turned it into a CD grinder after a few years. on 08 Jun 20:11 next collapse

I love this tech aesthetic. 90s Japanese tech is just fun to look at. on 09 Jun 16:23 collapse

that circular trackpad…! on 08 Jun 20:31 next collapse

So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickle. And in those days nickles had pictures of bumble bees on them! “Give me 5 bees for a quarter” you’d say. on 08 Jun 20:31 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

which was the style at the time

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I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 08 Jun 20:41 collapse

Also causes the anxiety of scratching disks while using it. on 08 Jun 19:56 next collapse

I did not, but now that you mention it…

The CONTROLLERS though… on 08 Jun 20:52 collapse

It’s actually pretty cool to see an original Xbox controller next to a Dreamcast controller. They are incredibly similar. Both even had double card slots in the front on 09 Jun 11:25 next collapse

Then look at the Saturn 3D pad and the Dempa XE-1 AP to see the full lineage. on 09 Jun 13:44 collapse

Sega worked with Microsoft a bit on the Dreamcast and tried to get Microsoft to offer backwards compatibility for the Dreamcast on the Xbox. It kind of makes you wonder if Microsoft copied Sega’s controller. on 08 Jun 20:15 next collapse

It’s almost like they were designed around something round… I call it the data-wheel! on 09 Jun 06:09 collapse

How many of these data wheels will the machine be able to use? on 09 Jun 14:21 next collapse

As many as you have, but only one at a time. on 09 Jun 14:24 collapse

Vast libraries of such disks once existed but we are unsure of what happened to them… but our scientists have identified a solid layer of polycarbonate about 50 feet down from the planets surface that may extend for miles. on 08 Jun 20:16 next collapse

You need a CD flap, and that’s the biggest visible feature of the console, so best to make it the centrepiece, and design around it. And CDs are circular so yeah, let’s follow that in the design.

You need two buttons, one for power and one for open. Symmetry is always appealing, so make them symmetrical and balanced on both sides.

Very much an example of “form follows function” on 08 Jun 22:12 collapse

This post made me realize just how few consoles had a CD flap. Is it just the Playstation, Dreamcast, Saturn, and Gamecube? Kind of weird how that was the default for CD players pretty much forever, but not many consoles went with that. PS2, Xbox, and everything after those had some kind of tray or slot. Maybe it was because they could visually stand apart from their competitors more that way. on 08 Jun 22:27 next collapse

The PS2 slim has a CD flap, that might be the last console to have one

There’s also whatever is going on with the PS3 super slim but I think that is in a category of its own on 09 Jun 06:27 collapse

Oh, and there’s the Wii mini too. Can’t think of any newer system with a DVD flap. on 08 Jun 22:49 next collapse

Cost. I think all of the 5th generation were top loaders. On the cd audio side nice stackable separates were tray or slot. Cheap stand-alones were top.

6th was a split but then I think the perception of slot or tray loading being more prestigious moved everyone to slot/tray.

Plus I think top loaders might have been less secure. I certainly remember a number of physical mods or swap techniques that defeated top loader security very easily.

Same thing happened with videos as well. Started with manual top loaders and then moved to slot. on 08 Jun 23:33 next collapse

For some perspective, CD trays, like the PS2 and Xbox had, that retracted mechanically were viewed as sleek and futuristic, and that’s why slot loaders like the Wii and PS3 gained traction too.

It was an aesthetic choice, like the move from green LEDs to blue, though that has historic significant as blue LEDs are a relatively recent invention as the were incredibly difficult to figure out, so blue LEDs were seen as futuristic and opulent and used in everything consumer electronics for a while. on 09 Jun 14:30 collapse

The original Xbox had a tray because it was basically a PC, and had a standard IDE CD-ROM with some minor changes. They weren’t standing apart, they were following the new standard of the time, PCs, and it was probably more to do with cost savings by using common parts. They also had a standard IDE HDD. Even their weird proprietary controller port they used on the original Xbox is just USB! Its the same wires, they just screwed up the pinout. you can replace one of those weird controller ports with a normal female USB and then plug all sorts of USB devices into the Xbox and they just work.

I only single out the Xbox because I’ve taken them apart, I imagine the PS2 is similar. At least PS2 didn’t intentionally mess up their USB ports. on 08 Jun 20:17 next collapse

Not really. And that's a PSX, the PSOne was smaller and had round edges. on 08 Jun 20:23 next collapse

It’s a PS1, the redesign was PSOne. PSX was a PS2+DVR. on 08 Jun 20:47 next collapse

PSX was Sony’s designation for the OG Playstation. on 08 Jun 21:18 collapse

But PS1 and PSX are both retail product names for different systems, I don’t see calling the Wii “Revolution”… on 08 Jun 21:31 collapse

No, it has been originally named PSX long before the PS2 was even a thought. on 08 Jun 22:41 next collapse

It was never officially named PSX, but it was called that way by people for some reason. I guess to differentiate the fat and slim versions. on 09 Jun 08:28 collapse

The name spread at the time even before the release of the console, so everyone called it that, even websites listed it as PSX. The slim PSOne version came much later, arguably even too late to be of any significance for anyone or anything. on 08 Jun 23:35 collapse

Literally untrue I promise, even worse, you’re extra wrong because the PSX is actually the name of a Japanese specific set top entertainment box that also played PS2 games and was the introduction of the XMB ( Cross Media Bar ) interface that the PSP and PS3 both used.

The small PlayStation did have the official designation of PSOne though. on 09 Jun 08:26 collapse

Are you some infantile bot or why do you keep repeating what's already been addressed? lol
It was PSX, everyone called it PSX, even websites called it PSX. I know because I had one. You can even still see in the wiki page that its codename was PSX. on 09 Jun 13:48 collapse

Confusingly (and as I discovered in this thread) the name “PSX” is both the release name for the ps2/recorder and the code name for the original PlayStation.

The PlayStation (abbreviated as PS, commonly known as the PS1/PS one or its codename PSX)

Not to be confused with PSX (digital video recorder) or PlayStation Experience.

So technically you’re both right and both wrong! on 08 Jun 20:53 collapse

PS1 =/= PSOne and most people know the difference, but yes most enthusiasts say PSX to avoid confusion on 08 Jun 21:04 next collapse

The PSX design was still similar for the Nintendo Prototypes as well. Was just the design style at the time for cheaper optical drive housing. GameCube all also had a flip-top lid for the basic commercial release. on 08 Jun 23:16 next collapse

Wait till you see smart phones on 09 Jun 01:10 collapse

Wait, you can’t leave us hanging! Tell us their dirty secret! on 09 Jun 03:09 collapse

ever notice how most of them look like a rectangle and have glass on the front? on 09 Jun 05:57 collapse

Holy shit! on 09 Jun 07:11 next collapse

What about GameCube? Flip top with the same 2 buttons on 09 Jun 12:34 collapse

My two favorite consoles. I miss them dearly.