How to beat the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time?
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I made it to the Forest Temple level, but used up all the keys I had in the dungeon, so does anyone know where I can find another dungeon key?


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What part of the dungeon are you in? Have you reached the top, and jumped?

part as in, sections youve made it through on 27 Jun 17:38 collapse

Still the main area and the only accessible doors from there into rooms I went through first. on 27 Jun 17:32 next collapse

1- Key in the tree, entrance

2- Door opposite the entrance in the lobby, leads to the room below the Bow

3- Bottom of the well, switch to drain the well is on one of the outdoor balconies reachable from the other outdoor room

4- Twist the first twistable hallway (if it isn’t already), fall down the hole. Follow to a dead end room on 27 Jun 17:45 next collapse

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Found it, thank you. on 27 Jun 17:54 next collapse

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Hey, just in case you didn’t know, you’re currently playing in a stretched aspect ratio. I know it’s filling your screen, but it’s really not intended to be stretched like that. You should be able to use the menu in your tv to set it to 4:3 to fix it. on 27 Jun 17:59 next collapse

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You may need a bigger house, or less cats. on 28 Jun 17:30 collapse

Bigger house it is then. on 28 Jun 16:58 next collapse

Where is the hole for key #4? on 29 Jun 22:36 collapse

The last room also requires a key.

Is there another key somewhere else maybe? on 27 Jun 17:44 next collapse

Climb to the top of F1 and jump into the middle spiderweb

There’s also a puzzle somewhere with a ladder you gotta shoot with the slingshot, that’s a little out there

Edit: I was describing the deku tree. Sorry bout that on 27 Jun 19:10 next collapse

I'm confused how two different people mixed the Forest Temple up with The Great Deku Tree

Anyways, glad you found the missing key. Peopls love to claim the Water Temple is confusing, but the Forest Temple is just as good at twisting you up and making you miss keys

Tip for upcoming water temple btw - The animation does not show it in the original game, but a platform at the bottom of the central tower floats up and reveals a hidden passage. This one spot trips up a TON of people on 27 Jun 19:42 next collapse

Well done soldier! Been seeing a lot of your posts here and I always enjoy your retro gaming pics, especially if it’s one of my favorite formative games like Ocarina of Time.

You’re making me want to dust off my old consoles and hook them up. I need to replay Chrono Trigger to honor Akira Toriyama who passed away this year. Would give me a good excuse to get the SNES up and running. on 27 Jun 21:47 next collapse

There’s a key right at the start of the dungeon before you go inside up a tree.

I forget if that’s the regular or master quest edition of the dungeon. on 28 Jun 05:00 next collapse

I always found this temple to be annoying. on 28 Jun 19:03 collapse

Same here. Dope music though on 28 Jun 17:18 collapse

Used up all the keys I found just now except the boss key…just another piece of the puzzle.


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On second thought, never mind!