Does anyone still play Virtua Fighter?
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VF2 Is probably my favorite of the series. on 22 Apr 2024 05:02 next collapse

I like Fighting Vipers more and hate that Fighters Megamix wasn’t a bigger deal. on 22 Apr 2024 05:32 next collapse

Played alot of the original on PC and then even more when VF4 came out on the PS2.

Back when it was VF vs Tekken, VF was my choice as I did not like the Tekken mechanics.

My favourite 3d fighting series has to be DoA though. on 22 Apr 2024 06:55 collapse

I played a lot of DOA 3 back in the day with my friends, awesome game. on 22 Apr 12:08 collapse

I still play all of the Saturn releases. Megamix has just tons of replay value. I never got into the later games as much as I loved VF2, but I still enjoy watching good players when I catch them streaming.

If you’re interested in seeing where the community is at for the latest VF (VF5:US), most of the discussion happens at and there’s a regular kumite streamed by