NES/Famicom Box Art
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We were having a chat about retro box art on my Discord server, so I was browsing some Famicom box art today. I don’t have a ton of NES (North America) ones I like, as it’s a lot of this kind of thing, but there are a bunch of Japan ones I like. The post link is for Destiny of an Emperor 「天地を喰らう」. I also like the original Zelda box art, very satisfying shade of green:

What are some NES/Famicom boxes you like?


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I have always liked the box art for Bart vs the Space Mutants. There is a lot happening in it, which really caught my eye when I was a kid. <img alt="" src=""> on 07 Jun 04:35 collapse

Oh I loved that game! on 07 Jun 00:09 next collapse

The original Mega Man is iconic for all the wrong reasons on 08 Jun 19:49 next collapse

Tons of great stuff in this era, I have someones google drive bookmarked that has all the art from a few different systems. It can be frustrating trying to track down which artist did the illustrations though.

This is one of my personal favs

<img alt="" src=""> on 08 Jun 21:23 collapse

This feels like a perfect example of the era, love it.

Video games weren’t great about credits in general back then. A little while ago I was trying to find who did a music track from Mega Man and only figured it out because there was an interview about it with the guy. on 08 Jun 21:02 collapse

Wow I haven’t thought of destiny of an emperor in decades. One of my childhood friends had a copy and let me borrow it. It took forever but I managed to beat it. Box art was weird but cool. on 08 Jun 21:27 collapse

I got my copy in a trade with my younger cousin. I don’t even remember what I gave up, one of the later Mega Man games, I think. Still feels like I got the better deal.

The original Dragon Quest was my first JRPG, but it was Destiny of an Emperor that got me into the genre, I think. Cool early example of a turn-based battle system.