Prince Of Persia Gets Unofficial Port For The Commodore Plus/4 | Time Extension (
from to on 04 Jul 08:42

Prince of Persia, the timeless classic from Jordan Mechner, has been given an impressive new life in the form of an unofficial port to the long-retired Commodore Plus/4 computer system. The announcement comes via IndieRetroNews, revealing a new port developed by Csabo, TCFS, and Unreal that showcases the game in a way that few could have imagined for the Commodore machine.

Originally released for the Apple II in 1989, Prince of Persia has since become an iconic franchise spanning multiple games, movies, and other media. With ports to myriad platforms over the years, one might think the Commodore Plus/4 would be a distant dream until now. The latest attempt from Csabo, TCFS, and Unreal has an ambitious colour palette expansion that truly breathes new life into the game.

To experience this remarkable achievement firsthand, head over to and download the port. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Prince of Persia that even on hardware long since retired from active use, its spirit continues to thrive.

How do you see the future of retro gaming ports evolving? Will we see more classic titles receive such meticulous revivals on platforms like the Commodore Plus/4?


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