List of unofficial console PC Ports with Tutorial (Re-/Decompilations) (
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List of unofficial console PC Ports with Tutorial (Re-/Decompilations)

I have created a list of all the unofficial console PC ports (that are based on Recompilation or Decompilation) I know about, along with easy-to-install versions that have been marked with a star ⭐.

Additionally, I have included short installation tutorials on how to install them. My plan is to keep this list up to date and add new finished PC ports in the future.


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Nice, I’ll keep monitoring for a future GoldenEye port. Legend of Legaia too! on 27 May 03:07 next collapse

This is a great resource! Thanks for your effort! on 27 May 06:35 next collapse

I love this! Thanks for the link. on 27 May 11:19 next collapse

If somebody hasn’t played Jak and Daxter yet, now is the time. It’s a lovely 3D platformer, I can’t wait until the whole trilogy is ported. on 27 May 15:04 collapse

Awesome, thanks for sharing! Already sent the Legend of Dragoon link to a buddy of mine. Waiting to hear him screaming from across the country.

The fact that someone managed a PSX game gives me hope that more are in the works. I’d love to see how games like Armored Core play without hardware limitation. Could you imagine the modding support?