I beat Sonic the Hedgehog on Sonic Origins Plus without getting any Chaos Emeralds. Does that count too?
from VanHalbgott@lemmus.org to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 12 Jan 2024 00:22


misk@sopuli.xyz on 12 Jan 2024 00:43 next collapse

Don’t let anyone tell you what counts and doesn’t. If you believe it did then it did.

I haven’t played that game and I have no idea what you’re talking about but I stand by my advice.

AFreeLarryHoover@lemmy.world on 12 Jan 2024 01:38 next collapse


But like Dr. Robotnik said after credits as he juggles the Chaos Emeralds: “Try Again”

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 12 Jan 2024 02:06 collapse

I already beat the game anyway.

cevn@lemmy.world on 12 Jan 2024 03:00 collapse

Sonic 1, sure. Those special stages suck anyways. Beating 3 with no emeralds is robbing yourself of some of the most fun parts imo, and the coins make it so easy, but you do you.

Now CD, that shit is hard, like, past, future, past, present, chaos emeralds, what were they thinking, is it really even a kids game?

Grangle1@lemm.ee on 12 Jan 2024 06:57 collapse

I was able to get the good ending in CD with a guide, but the fact I needed a guide is ridiculous in the first place.

M500@lemmy.ml on 12 Jan 2024 02:58 next collapse

Why wouldn’t it count?

It’s like a side quest anyway. I do t think I ever got them all as a kid. But I still consider the game finished.

Do you really need someone else’s approval on this?

SquirtleHermit@lemmy.world on 12 Jan 2024 03:03 next collapse

Did you have fun? That’s all that ever counts

Grangle1@lemm.ee on 12 Jan 2024 06:55 collapse

You don’t get anything except a very small and effectively insignificant change to the ending if you get all the emeralds in Sonic 1 (you don’t even get 7 emeralds) so I’d say it counts. Sonic 2 and 3/Knuckles actually give a meaningful reward for getting all the emeralds so it’s worth it to go for them, even if going for them in Sonic 2 is a real pain in the butt (and the one real bad thing about Sonic 2).