Beating the 50cc Flower Cup on Mario Kart 64 (1996)
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Edit: Just beat the Star Cup as well.


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Where I come from, that’s called the warm up. on 28 Mar 19:53 collapse

But necessary if you want the gold screen on 28 Mar 20:10 next collapse

Why doesn’t that joystick have drift!? on 28 Mar 21:34 collapse

No Mario Party, maybe on 28 Mar 20:11 next collapse

Mamma mia! Here we go!! on 28 Mar 20:42 next collapse

Nice FunkoPops on 28 Mar 21:00 next collapse

Mario Kart 64 is definitely not wide-screen on 28 Mar 21:54 next collapse

My memories of Mariokart 64:

Welcome to Mariocarrr

Wrecking my thumbs drifting some Es (still better than on Mariokart versions with the dpads though)

AAAAwawawawawawa on 28 Mar 22:40 next collapse

Hey, how’d you get the game to run in widescreen on official hardware? Afaik that’s not possible. on 28 Mar 22:55 collapse

It’s just stretched. That portrait of Mario is supposed to be square, but here it’s wider than it is tall.

Probably just a setting on their TV. Maybe it’s intentional or maybe they didn’t realize. on 28 Mar 23:23 next collapse

Why did you wait 28 years to post that picture? /s on 29 Mar 00:22 collapse

You had a flat-screen in 1996?

How rich are you? on 29 Mar 15:15 collapse

Hahaha i think they had flat crt’s in '96.