GBA-Style JRPG 'Tako no Himitsu' Has Golden Sun And Terranigma Staff Involved (
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A new retro-style JRPG called Tako no Himitsu has been announced, boasting an impressive line-up of developers from notable franchises. Deneos Games is leading the charge, following their successful title Save Me Mr Tako.

The game will feature music by Motoi Sakuraba and Masanori Hikichi. Scheduled to launch on Kickstarter on July 10th, the project is anticipated to captivate JRPG enthusiasts.

What are your thoughts on the involvement of such experienced developers in a Kickstarter project? Would you support this game to see it through development?


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I was fully on board with it until I looked at the screenshots. Don’t get me wrong, it is gorgeous. But it’s an action RPG, something the GBA usually didn’t succeed in. I was hoping for something turn based. on 28 Jun 11:58 collapse

Yeah Zelda games were terrible on GBA. on 28 Jun 12:54 next collapse

I can’t tell if you’re being facetious but the only downside to Minish Cap was the Gacha system, where they developed only the bad parts of the Oracle games’ Gacha seed system and turned it into a chore that gated 100% completion.
Aside from that, it was a charming addition to the franchise.

I haven’t played Four Swords GBA or the Link to the Past port but Four Swords on the GameCube with the GBA cables was a very solid couch co-op game.
Maybe not totally in-line with the spirit of the series but still very good on its own. on 28 Jun 14:02 next collapse

I was being completely facetious. I played LttP a ton on my GBA on 29 Jun 12:20 collapse

I like Minish Cap but my one problem with it is WHY THE FUCK CAN’T I MAKE A HOUSE FOR THE THIRD ORACLE???

I mean, there are clearly a building site for it and dialogue hints for a third house. They obviously shipped the game with an unfinished side quest, I spent hours trying to get it. on 29 Jun 13:38 collapse

It’s because they also pulled one other aspect from previous handheld Zelda titles: not being able to get all the photos from Photo Mouse in Link’s Awakening DX. Sometimes you just can’t have it all. on 28 Jun 14:14 next collapse

I didn’t play any Zelda title on the GBA, but those could work due to their puzzle focus. However, even fully combat oriented games couldn’t really do much more than Zelda did in terms of their combat system, which ended up being quite dull.

I kind of liked the Legacy of Goku series, just because I like Dragon Ball and because level ups made a huge difference. The battle system wasn’t anything special, but it was satisfying to just grind a bit and afterwards demolishing anything in your path - just repeat this in any given new area. on 29 Jun 17:05 collapse

Wasn’t Sword of Mana on GBA? I think I had fun with that game. on 28 Jun 11:38 next collapse

Really misleading headline.

Motoi Sakuraba (Golden Sun) and Masanori Hikichi (Terranigma) are both on-board to create music for the game on 28 Jun 12:28 next collapse

Yeah, if they’re the only people from these games involved, that’s more than a bit ridiculous.

This game involves staff from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Namco’s Tales, Shining Force, Mario Golf and Star Ocean!

Also, that’s just one person and he makes music. on 28 Jun 12:40 collapse

I absolutely love Terranigma, it's one of my all time favorite RPGs, but I don't think the soundtrack was particularly noteworthy, especially compared to all the great things that game had to offer.

The really interesting things about that game were the combat and the whole world creation & development that you did. on 29 Jun 07:21 next collapse

Oof, I can’t agree with this at all. Departure is one of my favorite tracks from the whole era, and the ending song was also excellent. I felt the soundtrack did a lot of heavy lifting to carry the game’s somber tone.

Notable though that Miyoko Kobayashi was on “Departure,” not Hikichi. Hikichi only had a few tracks on the game. on 29 Jun 10:30 collapse

I did not meant they were bad, most songs just never stood out for me and I think I only had maybe a couple stuck in my head for a while. There's other games that have soundtracks that play within my head even decades later and that's not something Terranigma achieved, unfortunately. Yes, the songs served its purpose to set the mood but ultimately I think the soundtrack was nothing groundbreaking and certainly not on par with the rest of the game's excellence. on 29 Jun 09:55 collapse

A good score can definitely change a game to me, but yeah if you’re going to claim “staff” from legendary games I’d assume more than one guy, and people who had a hand in design.

I know and like lots of games scored by Sakuraba, and not that I don’t like his music but… I don’t know, it tends to sound very same-y and almost random at times. Especially in that 00’s era. There was a corny melody pattern he put in all of his big themes at the time, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, Golden Sun all had it somewhere, and I couldn’t hear anything else when it happened.

That said, when it works, it works and it’s pretty unique. True Mirror and Valedictory Elegy from Baten Kaitos are very good, and a perfect fit for their games. on 28 Jun 12:41 next collapse

Yes, the headline feels very disingenuous. They are working with composers from those games… I don’t feel they are going to have the same influence some game designers would have had. on 29 Jun 11:55 next collapse

Thanks for clarifying, but sad to hear. on 29 Jun 17:04 next collapse

And here I was thinking I was gonna get a Golden Sun successor… on 30 Jun 04:05 collapse

I don’t think I can articulate how annoyed I am that people are being so dismissive toward music composers. Music can make games. on 30 Jun 08:56 next collapse

As a popular example, IMHO FFVII wouldn’t have been half the game it became without its soundtrack. on 30 Jun 10:04 collapse

I very clearly stated that Terranigma's soundtrack, unlike the game itself, did not stand out to me that much. And yes, when I hear "staff" of a certain game being involved I would expect something like the designers or programmers who were responsible for some of the things that actually made those games great. A soundtrack alone can't make a shit game good, no matter how good it is. This isn't dismissive towards the composers, it's just a fact. on 28 Jun 11:38 collapse

Yo save me Mr tako was cool! It plays like a gameboy Kirby game. I had the privilege of playing a bit of it at Kyoto BitSummit years ago and purchased it for switch. I should get it for deck now that I have one…
Shit there were a lot of cool indies at bitsummit I can actually play now that I have a deck.

Tako no himitsu is definitely something I need to check out.