Microsoft Bans Gamers Using Retail Mode Emulators on Xbox (
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What is retail mode? on 29 Jul 2023 06:26 +0000

It’s the regular mode where you boot into your dashboard to start and play games.

You can pay to have access to developers mode where you have more freedom to do things, like installing emulators. on 29 Jul 2023 06:46 +0000

Thank you for an actual response and explanation. Anyone who has actually used google over the past few years should know "googling it" isn't always helpful anymore. Besides, maybe we actually want to be the place where people find answers. on 29 Jul 2023 10:22 +0000

"Google is your friend."
"Not lately, no." on 29 Jul 2023 06:20 +0000 next

This is an Arby’s on 29 Jul 2023 06:31 +0000

No, this is Patrick! on 29 Jul 2023 11:14 +0000

I am not a Krusty Krab! 😡 on 29 Jul 2023 20:02 +0000

Uh, Patrick, that’s the name of the restaurant. on 29 Jul 2023 06:39 +0000 next

A useless ad delivery machine in the year 2023 on 29 Jul 2023 06:46 +0000 next

Damn you Nintendo (even if the real reason for banning emulators is different) on 29 Jul 2023 16:41 +0000

Part of it is probably the perceived legal liability, but another is Microsoft sees the user interest in this type of games and wants to make money off of it. That’s why this announcement comes shortly after the release of Antstream Arcade (which has been added to game pass so they make money from sales there in addition to the portion they take from each purchase). It’s some of the most anti-consumer behavior we’ve seen from Microsoft in recent memory. on 29 Jul 2023 23:58 +0000

It’s some of the most anti-consumer behavior we’ve seen from Microsoft in recent memory.

It’s the same company that makes Windows… Always worth remembering. on 30 Jul 2023 16:17 +0000

If you’re referring to forcing Edge, W11 sysreq, and insisting on having trackers turned on, all of these are combatable due to the openness of the OS. Xbox is mostly a closed platform, so it can’t be changed even if you wanted to. on 29 Jul 2023 21:20 +0000

The fact that they’re not just banning user accounts but doing full on console bans is absolute bullshit. Come on guys. on 30 Jul 2023 15:32 +0000

It’s a 15 day suspension