Final Fantasy 8 - Ragnarock Overhaul Mod (
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Final Fantasy 8 is a very divisive game that tried to revamp the formula, yet it was half-baked because of unsavory decisions by the developers, as it made the game potentially way too easy to break and way to tedious in certain instances.

Well, no more!

Available for both the 2013 PC Re-realease and the 2018 Steam Remaster Re-release, this mods improves upon the base game significantly, rectifying what was wrong with the gameplay and progression structure of the original.

I heavily recommend to read the changelog.

A 1.3 version is also in development as of now.


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Link to the mod or something? on 16 Mar 2024 11:36 collapse

I rectified the link into the post (somehow I linked a picture lol) on 16 Mar 2024 14:28 next collapse

Just a reminder that grinding is tedious and is an optional part of every Final Fantasy game, often times making the games extremely simple. The only difference is how you grind.

Having said that, there are a few improvements I could think of. I’m curious what all this does and whether it takes out all the good from the original. on 16 Mar 2024 14:43 collapse

Changelog is there :) on 16 Mar 2024 15:44 next collapse

Nice, they fixed the annoying level scaling of enemy, it’s so easy to make the game too difficult if you didn’t stop and grind spell sometime, because you’ll be leveling up too quickly. on 26 Mar 23:53 collapse

I found the trick was to steal spells from the enemies and then run away. Get a bunch of water spells, link to your attack and you’re a monster at like… level 3. on 27 Mar 00:57 collapse

Yeah, actively running away after draining a few time is the best strats for the game. I used to play normally, fight every encounter and leveling up, but that end up with a lot more grinding for magic at the mid of the game, so i restart and only kill some of the enemy, maintaining low level, and beat ultima weapon easily. on 16 Mar 2024 15:57 next collapse


I hate everything about this. Enjoy how you like I guess. on 16 Mar 2024 16:18 next collapse

Doesn’t change Squall being the worst main character in FF history next to Tidus, unfortunately. on 16 Mar 2024 17:41 next collapse

Besides that laugh scene, Tidus wasn’t bad. He was one of the few FF main characters with a personality besides Zidane and the main characters from FF6. on 16 Mar 2024 23:42 collapse

He was also quite clueless to the point of endangering himself and others, but yeah, he’s probably not as bad as squall in retrospect. on 17 Mar 2024 14:50 next collapse

Almost every character in ff8 was either bland or annoying, it was actually really inpressive on 17 Mar 2024 17:28 collapse

IKR, there was no saving anyone, except the dog I guess. on 26 Mar 14:16 collapse

Vaan from XII is way worse then both.

He isn’t even a main character per se on 17 Mar 2024 15:32 collapse

No way to play this kind of thing on android I guess? Or similar mods? on 17 Mar 2024 23:29 collapse

Pc only, sorry.