BoxyPixel is something else (
from to on 02 Aug 2023 17:55 +0000

Picked up a BoxyPixel GBA SP and managed to find an original copy of Emerald to compensate for the ones someone stole from me so many years ago on 02 Aug 2023 18:13 +0000 next

Hey neighbor, can I borrow that? on 02 Aug 2023 19:18 +0000

Not OP but boxypixel is a company that manufacturers alluminum shells and buttons for consoles. You buy directly from them. They also stock a lot of the screen and other upgrades. (USB c charging is the best) I’ve done their GBA and their Gameboy color and have been thrilled with the results. on 02 Aug 2023 20:19 +0000

They’re absolutely stunning, yeah! I got this from a local modder, built. I don’t think I have the skill to actually do it myself, haha but I’d love to, been thinking about fixing up my OG GBA so we’ll see!

This one has the USB-C mod! I got a generic SP charger today just in case too on 02 Aug 2023 18:55 +0000 next

I recently bought a used GBA SP, but it needs a new battery to hold a better charge.

Where did you get this? I love rebuilt retro consoles, especially if they come with upgraded screen tech on 02 Aug 2023 20:20 +0000 next

Got it built from a local modder, battery has been holding up great, ~6 hrs with default brightness on, haven’t played until it dies though so maybe more! on 02 Aug 2023 22:18 +0000 on 28 Sep 2023 23:50 +0000

I keep forgetting their are modern gameboys.