My best score in Uplink yet, what's yours?
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I wish I was good enough at Uplink to make it to the score screen. I also just kept getting sidetracked. on 01 May 02:34 collapse

I managed to steal 1,000,000 from some poor sucker this time. Transferred all their cash to my own account, wiped the logs on both sides, and then fast forwarded a couple days. Figured I was in the clear and then made a stupid mistake trying to incriminate someone.

Uplink is -kind of easy- up until a certain point. Then it’s all about timing. on 01 May 08:05 next collapse

What was the mistake? on 01 May 08:50 collapse

I was on one of the missions to ruin someone’s life and got caught somehow. My guess is I forgot to wipe logs somewhere or was too slow when adding a fake crime to their profile in the GCD. on 02 May 03:06 collapse

Once you get good at cracking the banks, you basically have unlimited money. Then upgrade your gear like crazy.

For me, I never got the hang of the mainframes with multiple steps and routers and such. Still a fun game though. on 01 May 02:59 next collapse

Haha retro… Ouch on 01 May 06:29 next collapse

The game is 23 years old… I feel old now. on 02 May 02:37 collapse

… I could have lived in blissful ignorance of that information on 01 May 16:21 collapse

Back when Ambrosia made Mac ports. DEFCON was cool. on 01 May 13:19 next collapse

Is there a mobile version of this? This game was/is awesome, haven’t played it in a long time though. on 01 May 14:02 collapse

Sadly I don’t believe there is a mobile version. It hasn’t been updated in forever, hence me posting in RetroGaming. on 01 May 23:31 next collapse

Yea last time I looked was years and years ago now. Would be awesome if the original dev, released it on mobile. on 02 May 10:26 collapse

Not sure if I got you wrong, but there is an android version. Or there was once at least on 02 May 15:58 collapse

TIL on 01 May 17:27 next collapse

I haven’t played this game in forever but I don’t remember it being hard? By the time I got to the storyline, I was already pretty maxed out on 01 May 17:45 collapse

You’re right, it’s not that difficult of a game. I just have never successfully gotten as far as I had this time. I’ve also never beaten the storyline part of the game. on 02 May 02:39 collapse

It’s been hella long since I played this. And I think I only ever had a demo. Has anything even gotten close to simulating (Hollywood) hacking that’s as fun as Uplink? I can’t believe the concept hasn’t evolved in all these years. on 02 May 16:05 collapse

There are other games like Hacker Evolution but none that are Hollywood-esque like Uplink