Modder releases Unix-like operating system for the NES (
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A modder has managed to convert an operating system that resembles Linux into a function on an unmodified Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), demonstrating impressive retro-tech innovation.

Key Points:

Could you imagine running any specific software applications using a converted OS like this on an NES? What kind of programs would benefit most from being ported to retro consoles?


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i'm honestly a little suprised this hasn't happened sooner. there were plenty of computers with similar hardware at the time with CP/M or DOS variants, and the unix-like fuzix was originally developed for the z80 and i think has a 6502 port. that's not meant as a knock on decrayzo though- either way this is cool as shit

i'm curious what the culture around the famicom and FDS as computers was in japan. it was wildly popular but it never seems to come up in discussions of other 80s JP computers, so i wonder if the reason it never got a DOS straight from nintendo was because everyone including them saw it as more of a console than a computer despite the name. or maybe that's just a westerner's bias talking and japanese folks really do consider it as a contemporary of the PC-88 instead of the SMS on 27 Jun 21:37 collapse

Nope, you got it right. It was very much seen as only a console, despite the naming, Family BASIC, FDS, other peripherals, etc. I’ve been living in Japan for years with a keen interest in retro gaming/computing, and FC is never mentioned in the same breath as PC-88/MSX/FM/etc. By the by, on the rare occasions that it’s mentioned, the SC-3000 is also lumped in with the consoles rather than the home computers. on 28 Jun 01:36 collapse

mystery solved, thank you! on 27 Jun 21:51 collapse

What kind of programs would benefit most from being ported to retro consoles?

Obviously Doom.