Introducing the Morph 4K, a modular 4K upscaler that form fits your setup (
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#retrogaming on 04 Aug 2023 09:51 +0000 next

Can this upscale Nintendo switch as well? on 04 Aug 2023 10:11 +0000

Looks like any HDMI device, and they list the Switch in the description. on 04 Aug 2023 10:42 +0000 next

neato, i think i’ll let the retrotink 4k and morph 4k fight out a bit this time, retrotink 5x works fine for me right now and I’ll pick up whichever is better (or more likely, more available without fighting everyone on else on xitter) down the line on 04 Aug 2023 11:24 +0000

After their absolutely terrible “parody” reveal for the GEM coupled with the DRM crap there, I’ve lost all respect for PixelFX.

I’ll buy the Retrotink 4k instead, even if it costs more. on 04 Aug 2023 18:13 +0000

Can you give more details? I don’t know either company, but could be interested in such product. on 04 Aug 2023 20:31 +0000

There are two 4k capable scalers announced for retro games:

  • Retrotink 4k
    • Made by the same guy who made the Retrotink 5x Pro among other scaling devices such as the Retrotink 2x, RGB2COMP and COMP2RGB devices. The 5x is a scaler that works better than the OSSC and can go to higher resolutions along with more effects to help emulate the CRT look and feel.
  • Morph 4k by PixelFx
    • Made by the same team behind the DCDigital (aka. DCHDMI), PS1Digital and now the Retro G.E.M. which is the recently announced console agnostic HDMI modification.

There is also the OSSC Pro, but the details are sparse and we haven’t had too many updates about it.

PixelFX has lost any and all respect that I had for them and almost made me want to sell my PS1Digital modded system just to be rid of owning anything they’ve touched. Their announcement video for the Retro GEM took the piss on Digital Foundry by doing a cringe-inducing “parody” called “Digital Infidelity” and was wildly inappropriate. Couple that with the news that the GEM would have DRM on the extra features for an additional $80 once you bought the device and it left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Prior to their terrible announcement, I was determined on buying what ended up being GEM as I could get HDMI out right from a PS2 I bought specifically for that mod and now I won’t bother. on 04 Aug 2023 22:01 +0000 next

Thank you for the info, I can now understand your reaction :). on 11 Aug 2023 00:50 +0000

Goddamn that “Digital Infidelity” video was cringey as fuck