Ape Escape - Sony is Bananas For Ditching The Iconic Monkeys (www.youtube.com)
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Ape Escape is an important franchise for PlayStation. It was Sony’s first big hit that they owned 100% of. It was one of Japan Studio’s first games. It served as one of PlayStation’s mascots for over a decade. And there were great games in this series.


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Mint_Raccoon@kbin.social on 17 Jan 2024 16:52 next collapse

I'm still salty about not getting an English release of Million Monkeys. On another note, Ape Escape Move was such a missed opportunity. Ape Escape's gameplay was just asking for (preferably optional) motion controls, but instead they made a rail shooter.

blackluster117@possumpat.io on 17 Jan 2024 16:52 next collapse

They were like Sony’s Rabbids.

Son_of_dad@lemmy.world on 17 Jan 2024 17:28 next collapse

Ape escape was the first game that got me to buy a dual shock controller. The game wouldn’t work without it.

The_Helmet_Stays_On@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 17 Jan 2024 19:56 next collapse

I miss this series. Wish they would remake/port the originals.

Son_of_dad@lemmy.world on 17 Jan 2024 20:33 collapse

They’re pretty much all on psplus right now I believe

Ilflish@lemm.ee on 17 Jan 2024 22:20 collapse

3 is noticeably missing but even ignoring that s lot of the weird games are missing.

Kolanaki@yiffit.net on 17 Jan 2024 22:26 next collapse

First game that required the original dualshock controller, since it played entirely with the analogue sticks.

dangblingus@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 24 Jan 15:37 collapse

While we all have fond memories of Ape Escape, how would it translate to a modern gaming experience on PS5? Would gamers still be enraptured by the netting of super intelligent primates? Enough to make it worth Sony’s while?