Analogue announced their 4K N64 FPGA console to be released in 2024 (
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I’m definitely interested in hearing more about it. No openFPGA is a shame. Since it’ll have a bigger fpga than they’d been using, it’d be nice to see what else you could do with it as a platform like the pocket. on 17 Oct 2023 21:39 collapse

I’m surprised they didn’t go with an openfpga chiplet setup where multiple fpga chips work in concert with each other like how real hardware does. on 17 Oct 2023 21:42 collapse

That’s actually how the pocket works. It uses separate fpga’s for the cores and display modes. on 17 Oct 2023 22:02 next collapse

Someone out there will be really determined to open this thing up to other platforms. Might take a year, but surely someone will crack the code. on 18 Oct 2023 12:10 collapse

okay, but no one has done that for any of their other systems on 17 Oct 2023 22:18 next collapse

Part of me is very interest in adding this to my retro setup.

The other part of me knows that I bought the Analogue Pocket and the updates and communication from Analogue are really bad (despite all the device can do) which honestly is a no-no when you pay as much as you do for their stuff on 19 Oct 2023 08:01 collapse

Ha, and that’s if you can even time the order it actually goes through, since they still haven’t improved their store despite repeated instances of resellers buying them out immediately. Gosh, I wonder if they themselves “buy” the product to resell under different names at incredibly elevated prices. Nah, that would be illegal, and corporations clearly follow the law nowadays, right.

And yeah, not only have these chucklefucks done nothing to improve their ordering or stock situation, they can’t code either so software such as for the Pocket is still unfinished and lacking. These shitheads are selling crap on empty promises, and not delivering, all the while keeping the scam going since too few have noticed this company is propped up by years old rumored quality. Sure the hardware is nice, but it’s always late and there’s never enough, which hardly matters when the morons can’t competently write the software to go with it. on 20 Oct 2023 10:51 collapse

While I’m absolutely not vocal about it as you are, I’d say almost 100% of what you feel is shared by myself too. I even bought two pockets (one for me and one for someone else) and we’ve been amazingly disappointed at the progress of updates on it. Yes they created the OpenFPGA thing, but that was obviously to not get left behind by new emerging platforms like the MisterFPGA and (to a less extent) the Steam Deck.

And will all things on the Internet, they developed a fan base that is mostly pretty defensive about them because they believe if Analogue died tomorrow, all of a sudden this type of project would stop existing (I feel anyhow).

I started looking differently at Analogue after mGBA’s developer endrift told their story about their experience with them (worth a read) on 28 Oct 2023 10:30 collapse

Just read it. Confirmed everything I was thinking, the people running Analogue are shitheads. on 17 Oct 2023 22:36 next collapse

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for a chance to get an analogue pocket. on 17 Oct 2023 23:58 collapse

So exciting! The SEGA has been fantastic, but took ages to arrive. Hopefully they have sorted out their supply chains…