Playing Super Mario World with my sister.
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The best 2D Mario game. on 10 Mar 2024 23:23 next collapse

I grew up on that one. Fantastic. on 10 Mar 2024 23:25 next collapse

I love this game! on 11 Mar 2024 00:11 next collapse

This is the second sign today to hook up my SNES lmao, the first was coming across my childhood system in the garage today that I thought FOR SURE for like a year that it got lost in our latest move lol

But man is it yellowing bad 😞 on 11 Mar 2024 00:21 next collapse

Happy MAR10 day! on 11 Mar 2024 00:41 next collapse

AND The Empire it seems, you monster. on 11 Mar 2024 00:57 collapse

My wife introduced my 6yo to the “old” Mario games on the Switch virtual SNES. He actually launches them instead of the other Mario games we own pretty often. It’s always hilarious to me to hear that old chip tune lol