Covenant Of The Plume: An Hidden Nintendo DS Masterpiece
from to on 15 Mar 2024 16:24

This game bangs!

It has:

excellent in-motion pixel art

excellent music

a very dark plot

most of the characters have very memorable looks and personality (Wylfred, Auguste, Fauxnel, Reinhilde, Lieselotte, Gwendal especially),

most of the in-game voices are superb

It is a strategic game with a very unique twist: dynamic reflex-based siege battles, where you have to time your characters attack by just pressing the matching button on the DS console.

Very easy to learn, but difficult to master the gameplay if you want to reach the safe threshold for 99% of the battles you’ll fight (if you don’t reach it, Miss Hell is going to give you massive disadvantages in later battles!)

It incentivises multiple playthroughs and experimentation and has a MASSIVE post-game.

If you can, give it a try!


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reallyyyy good game, im still need to finish it, but was memorable for sure. on 15 Mar 2024 17:40 collapse

Anytime the “Emergency Slash Line Stream” battle theme starts, it never gets old and pumps you up for the fray! on 15 Mar 2024 19:47 next collapse

I’ve always wanted to play this game. I played the most of the first one but never beat it :( on 15 Mar 2024 19:55 next collapse

The new one on the switch is really good on 15 Mar 2024 22:44 collapse

I’ll have to check it out when it’s on sale! on 15 Mar 2024 20:08 collapse

This is a prequel to the first one, it is much more frantic when it is battle time, very addicting. on 15 Mar 2024 20:22 next collapse

“An hidden” really bothers me as an American. on 16 Mar 2024 01:18 collapse

An 'idden. on 16 Mar 2024 03:15 collapse

Yes it’s very Bri’ish on 15 Mar 2024 21:07 next collapse

Man I swear I could have a lifetime of gaming moments with my DS alone.

I am currently playing (replaying actually) The Last Window, the sequel of Hotel Dusk (because when I re-played HD Another Code Recollection announcement dropped, so thank me (?)) and still my backlog is huge, but I can’t stop re playing some awesome gems I did enjoy in the past. on 15 Mar 2024 21:33 collapse

Masterful game and excellent follow-up, for real conoisseurs only! on 16 Mar 2024 00:12 collapse

This game is one of the most brutally difficult games I’ve ever played if you want to get any sort of good ending. It’s quite thematic in that way: the player is trapped in the curse with the main character, forced to meet unreasonable demands, but aware of the consequences of using the most effective tool to meet them. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I could never attempt it without giving up still relatively early on. That said, I still own my copy so maybe one day I’ll try again if I feel like a true test of my patience. on 16 Mar 2024 08:33 collapse

Ending A on 1st playthrough is brutal indeed