Analogue Announces N64 FPGA Console For 2024 (
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Looks cool with 4k upscaling support. We’ll have to see about price, since we have the Mister and the upcoming Mars to compare it to.


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Given it’s very niche and doesn’t play ROMs, I guess $200. on 16 Oct 2023 16:20 next collapse

FPGAs can get pretty expensive. I’d say $300+ on 16 Oct 2023 18:20 collapse

Dunno about that. Last time I checked it would depend also on the volume. How much would cost this FPGA alone around 1000 units. on 16 Oct 2023 23:47 collapse

Yeah, that makes sense on 16 Oct 2023 16:21 next collapse

Agreed, even with the eventual “jailbreak” it would have to be priced around that. I think it will be more expensive since the N64 core is pretty large and it is supposed to support 4k. on 16 Oct 2023 18:02 collapse

Couldn't you just use an everdrive cartridge? Those can hold roms and even the actual N64 can use it. on 16 Oct 2023 18:19 next collapse

Didn’t know about that. Any way, I don’t think I’m the target audience for this device. on 16 Oct 2023 19:43 collapse

So in theory an everdrive should (there was an issue with the pocket and some GB X7 due to a signal spike not present on the original Gameboy hardware). The main issue is that it’s a pretty large additional expense if you want a seamless experience (the x5 requires pressing the reset button to save). Say when this comes out it’s $350 with tax and shipping, which is pretty generous I think. You now have to spend an additional $200 for the cart to play roms. Now the choices in this price range are:

  1. Analogue: $550
  2. Mister: $615 (price of a fully configured kit with aluminum shell, can be priced cheaper if full diy)
  3. Mars: $699
  4. N64 + HDMI Mod: $620ish (eBay price $120 for a good condition console with expansion and controller, $200 for the mod, another $100 to install it if not diy).

I see this appealing to N64 enthusiasts that don’t already have a HDMI mod (current mods aren’t cheap and require soldering to install) or people that really want to play their old carts for that nostalgia hit. on 17 Oct 2023 00:55 collapse

Just curious, where are you seeing $550 for the Analogue? on 17 Oct 2023 01:17 collapse

That’s why I say “suppose it’s $350 with tax and shipping”. There are no details but if it’s cheaper I would be surprised. Extra $200 is an x7 on 17 Oct 2023 03:41 collapse

Ah, I see now, thanks. on 16 Oct 2023 16:19 next collapse

At the bottom of the page “Analogue 3D does not support openFPGA 2”. Unless this comes in at a competitive price Mister or Mars are a much better value proposition unless you’re a die hard cart user. on 16 Oct 2023 16:25 next collapse

Analogues consoles complement a mister, if you want a system that will play your games, and look good on your big flat screen tv then analogue do very very well

if you want more than that, sure a mister works but it’s a lot more effort and work, especially if you are not familiar with linux.

different products for different kinds of people. on 16 Oct 2023 16:33 next collapse

We’ll see how Mars compares when that is released. The UI looks a lot more polished compared to the Mister.

I will argue most people buying these consoles will eventually want to play more than just original carts, which means more setup either via a jailbreak or everdrive. I’d say both of those are not any more difficult to set up than a prebuilt Mister. on 16 Oct 2023 17:19 collapse

I would probably argue the opposite. most people who buy an analogue device will use it s few times to relive some childhood memories than it’ll sit on a shelf for a long time

For people that get engaged and want to do more, mister or a pocket with open fpga is a good next step. But most people just want to play the three nintendo games they loved on 16 Oct 2023 17:36 collapse

I’d argue that type of person would see the price of an analogue system, then proceed to go on eBay for an N64 and a cheap composite adapter. on 16 Oct 2023 17:46 collapse

Yup a lot do, or more realisticly just don’t. But there are those that have the money for an analogue system (or a mister, they ain’t cheap!) Hence why they sell on 16 Oct 2023 16:49 collapse

There’s a decent amount of mister kit sites that sell a complete set up. As far as having to know Linux I’m not sure it’s any more than you would for transferring roms to a sd card. Another thing mister has going for it is you can buy these preassembled “kits” today. Every time I get my eyes set on an Analogue system they sell out immediately and go onto eBay for much higher prices. Misteraddons today I can buy a complete set up (with a sd card pre-flashed) for ~$550.

I would be 100% all about analogue if I could buy a system. That being said maybe it’s just because I am interested in NES/SNES so those are the higher demand systems. I have a Mister but actually play more on my modded NES.

Like you said different products for different folks but I don’t think the barrier to entry for mister is very high anymore. on 16 Oct 2023 17:15 collapse

Ehh it’s still very high. What you have to do with an analogue system to take advantage of the open fpga stuff is already too complex tbh.

It’s easy to forget how difficult this stuff can be when you are knowledgeable on it. I used to be a developer on a very popular Linux distribution, and we dealt with this a lot. People have enough going on in their lives without having to understand how this stuff works.

That’s why the analogue systems are so great, legitimately plug and play all your old games. If you wanna do more, mister is there and so is a 4 hour mlig video about how to do things with it on 17 Oct 2023 07:22 collapse

It’s easy to forget how difficult this stuff can be when you are knowledgeable on it.

This is SO true, when I rediscovered retro emulation a couple years ago Retroarch was an impossible-to-navigate mess. Now I know it very well but I try to remind myself that a lot of non commercial software is not at all obvious to many newcomers. on 16 Oct 2023 17:34 collapse

So the controller is just a knockoff of a Retrofighters Brawler64?

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. on 16 Oct 2023 18:37 collapse

It’s hardly a unique innovation. You have the same buttons and “modern” layouts, you get this.