What Better Game To Test The Dock
from v1605@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 16 Aug 2023 23:05 +0000

The Simpsons via Analogue Pocket


any1th3r3@lemmy.ca on 17 Aug 2023 05:02 +0000 next

How have you been liking the dock so far? I’ve been pretty hesitant to pull the trigger on it given its price (or rather given shipping and duties/taxes to add on top, hu).
(Also, interesting way to stand up the - I’m guessing modded? - OG Xbox vertically, haha)

v1605@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 05:24 +0000

The dock is ok, just wish it had more scaling and resolution options (I wanted to use it with the smaller display but that resolution is not 1080, so it looks too squished). It also lacks a lot in controller support. Otherwise it works well and does the job.

Yep it’s the vertical stand from RetroFrog (model is on printables). And yes modded 1.1 og Xbox with 128mb ram, XboxHd+, and Stellar mod chip.

any1th3r3@lemmy.ca on 17 Aug 2023 16:32 +0000

Yeah, it’s pretty clear the Dock is only made for 16:9 displays, unfortunately :/
I’m not extremely hopeful Analogue will patch in enough features/fixes to make it absolutely worth it, as they don’t have a great track record with their “accessories” (the under-saturation of the DAC’s Composite/S-Video output not being directly fixed after so many years does not make me hopeful tbh).

Really nice setup :) I’ve been looking at the OG Xbox from afar, as the Series X is my first Xbox, so I have much to catch up on, but I’m really happy with the - admittedly very incomplete - backwards compatibility so far.

v1605@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 16:52 +0000

Yeah with Analogue you definitely need to go into their products expecting it will never be updated, and be pleasantly surprised if it does. I originally bought it just to play GB and GBA games via carts and everdrives, so OpenFPGA was a huge surprise when it was released (although my x7 didn’t work until I replaced the filters, thanks Analogue for that incompatibility).

If you ever do decide you want a og Xbox (which honestly with the state of emulation, you probably don’t need to), make sure it’s working unless you want a potentially challenging repair. They are very susceptible to leaky caps and trace rot.

any1th3r3@lemmy.ca on 17 Aug 2023 18:40 +0000

Yeah, I’ve learnt my lesson, haha, although I picked up a Pocket much for the same reason as you did (and OpenFPGA cores were barely getting talked about then, so I didn’t have that many expectations in that regard) and my Super Nt has honestly been perfectly fine.

Cheers for the heads-up, I’ve been watching quite a few restoration videos on OG Xboxes and I’ve seen what those damned clock capacitors can do…
I’m actually leaning towards getting a 360, since it seems to have pretty good backwards compatibility, but most importantly (to me) the shmup catalogue is incredible on there.
Emulation is good enough, but my only PC is a Steam Deck, so that doesn’t really cut it for Xbox and 360 atm.

Shatur@lemmy.ml on 17 Aug 2023 09:48 +0000 next

Analogue Pocket looks awesome. But I wish they have a version without cartridge support to make the device cost a bit less.

v1605@lemmy.world on 17 Aug 2023 12:30 +0000

I don’t think that would change the price much. The slot itself is probably only a few pennies and you can’t get cheaper FPGAs without reducing the cores the device is capable of playing. Adding another SKU would just make it more expensive and harder to stock.

Shatur@lemmy.ml on 17 Aug 2023 19:38 +0000

Makes sense. But somehow it hurts to buy such a device when I don’t have cartridges :(

Kerred@lemmy.world on 18 Aug 2023 13:57 +0000

Useless tidbit: Marge has bunny ears when she gets shocked in that dream level. This is because an idea Matt had was that Marge was going to be a rabbit, hiding the ears in her hair.