What's everyone playing?
from GrappleHat@lemmy.ml to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 12:45

I just hit 10 hours in Earthbound on my Anbernic RG280V. I’m looking forward to trying some more SNES games once I’m finished (Super Mario World, Street Fighter Turbo II, Zelda: Link to the Past, etc.).

Interested to hear what you all are playing? Or, what retro games are on your “to do” list?


CatZoomies@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 13:13 next collapse

Earthbound - never played this so I’m looking forward to it for my next retro play through after recently finishing a replay of both A Link to the Past and Golden Sun 1 & 2.

Afterward, it’s the Soul Blazer trilogy. I’ve only played Illusion of Gaia, and perhaps an hour of Terranigma. I loved Gaia, and remember really liking the bit I’ve played of Terranigma.

korewa@reddthat.com on 24 Nov 2023 14:21 collapse

I played it long ago in emulations in the 2000s it had anti piracy thing where it prevents you from progressing. How do I know it’s a patched version?

SplashJackson@lemmy.ca on 24 Nov 2023 13:14 next collapse

I am playing the Gameboy 3DS and also the laptop with a duckstation

WhoDestroysTheGond@lemmy.ca on 24 Nov 2023 13:16 next collapse

Ultima Runes of Virtue 1 & 2 for the Game Boy. Great action-adventure-puzzle games. But very unforgiving, every dungeon is filled with fatal errors. I couldn’t get to the end when I was young!

Blapoo@lemmy.ml on 24 Nov 2023 13:17 next collapse

ooooo if you enjoyed Earthbound, may I recommend Undertale next? Not exactly retro, but similar vibes (and there’s some fun fan theories about these two universes)

GrappleHat@lemmy.ml on 24 Nov 2023 19:00 collapse

I didn’t realize they are similar, but yeah I’ll give Undertale a go!

Blapoo@lemmy.ml on 24 Nov 2023 19:44 collapse

eeeeeee if you do, please try not to google anything about it

GrappleHat@lemmy.ml on 25 Nov 2023 00:52 collapse

Ha ha! OK! Funny thing is I actually already own it. My boys (teenagers) got it at some point, but I don’t know much about it.

Blapoo@lemmy.ml on 25 Nov 2023 01:09 collapse



It’s easily my favorite game. Hell, better than any book, movie or story I’ve ever experienced. Undertale messed me up. In the best way

GrappleHat@lemmy.ml on 05 Dec 2023 14:24 collapse

Well, I did it! I played through Undertale start-to-finish last weekend! The ending was awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

popekingjoe@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 13:22 next collapse

I just started a playthrough of the SNES version of Super Mario RPG. I’ve gotten pretty far but have never actually completed it, so I aim to this time around.

SleepyWheel@sh.itjust.works on 24 Nov 2023 13:30 next collapse

Gun Nac on NES, my favourite ever Shmup. It’s fairly forgiving but I still haven’t beaten it!

TORFdot0@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 13:40 next collapse

Zelda II, I’ve never beaten before so I’m trying to do it with out looking up a guide or using save states. That last one is really hard

DosDude@retrolemmy.com on 24 Nov 2023 14:03 next collapse

If my mom could do it, so could you! I believe in you.

WhoDestroysTheGond@lemmy.ca on 24 Nov 2023 16:35 next collapse

That games goes great with a real NES controller, so you can throw it across the room after dying.

Rhynoplaz@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 17:02 next collapse

I started a run a while ago and got stuck in Death Mountain. That game is MUCH harder than the first Zelda.

TORFdot0@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 18:16 collapse

As a kid I could never figure out how to get the river man to let me cross so I couldn’t even get to death mountain. At least I’ve gotten that far this time!

Rhynoplaz@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 19:20 collapse

Pretty sure I learned about Bagu’s hut in Nintendo Power! 😂

icermiga@lemmy.today on 25 Nov 2023 18:06 collapse

I did this - on the Zelda Collectors’ Edition on GameCube, so save States weren’t available. I did have to use an emulator to practice the final boss without the 10 min runback 🙄 , but after practicing I repeated the feat back on the official hardware.

I did the whole game without any guide. It was SO satisfying. On both the NES games, if you can read the context clues, every required secret is fairly clear. And the game is really fair! It is hard, it’s true, but it’s very fair! It felt very good to master the combat. This was a great gaming experience.

Later in life I felt that Dark Souls had very similar vibes except in 3D (and except for a bad feeling from having a heavy story that it’s hostile to telling you what it is 🙄)

SidewaysHighways@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 13:49 next collapse

The first Sims game! Good times

Mayonnaise@lemm.ee on 24 Nov 2023 13:50 next collapse

About half way through Mother/Earthbound Zero on my NES flashcart. I’ll have to pick Earthbound up after. I got about half way through years ago but never finished it.

Most recently finished Crystalis.

Nemo@midwest.social on 24 Nov 2023 14:17 next collapse

Replaying Super Mario World for SNES with my five-year-old. First time for him, he loves Yoshi. I haven’t really played it all the way through in about a decade; my wife and I did it together when we were engaged, was the last time.

Rhynoplaz@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 15:23 next collapse

It holds up SO WELL!

Sometime’s you go back to an old favorite and you can’t figure out how you played it for so long back in the day. But Mario World, despite being the first game for it, is still one of, if not THE best SNES game.

Fuck those ghost houses though.

DuckBilledMongoose@lemmings.world on 24 Nov 2023 20:54 collapse

I can’t wait to do this with my kid, he’s currently 12 months so I’ve still got a while to go. Super Mario world is a must, and the donkey Kong country games too 😁

Rhynoplaz@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 14:20 next collapse

I’ve started Earthbound maybe three times, and I’ve enjoyed it each time, but for whatever reason, I’d forget about it for a few years and start it over.

Right now I’m in the final stages of Final Fantasy V (Translated Super Famicom ROM). So far it’s one of my favorite old RPGs. The pacing is perfect for me. When I get to a new area, I’m leveled enough to hold my own without grinding, but the bosses usually require a few attempts as I learn their weaknesses and tweak my strategy. The Jobs system is pretty neat because you can mix and match abilities.

Not_Alec_Baldwin@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 18:51 collapse

I recently got sick and decided to play through ff2 (iv). I’ve owned it since I was a kid but never beat it.

I finished it in less than 24 real world hours.

I was astonished at the difference being an adult makes with regard to gaming.

hamburglar26@wilbo.tech on 24 Nov 2023 14:22 next collapse

Resident Evil on DC Parasite Eve on PSX

korewa@reddthat.com on 24 Nov 2023 14:22 next collapse

I’m playing Pokémon unbound

aeon@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 14:26 next collapse

I haven't started but I really want to play through Golden Sun again.

rezz@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 16:02 collapse

I did this last year. And finally for the first time started my extended file on Golden Sun TLA.

Golden Sun is top 5 all time game for me.

LifeLikeLady@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 14:37 next collapse

With the 25th anniversary update out, I’ve been loving playing through the original Half Life again.

SirMino@feddit.it on 24 Nov 2023 14:44 next collapse


SpaceNoodle@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 14:49 next collapse

TFW you’re old enough that a game you bought on release becomes “retro”

RiikkaTheIcePrincess@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 18:42 collapse

"A" game? v.v creaky old person noises

B0NK3RS@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 15:39 next collapse

Same, but I have never gotten more than a third of the way through… and I’ve owned it for 20+ years.

TORFdot0@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 18:36 next collapse

I have the PS2 port which I have never completed. I think it comes with Blue Shift as well, so that will be my next game on the backlog once I finish Zelda II

hamburglar26@wilbo.tech on 24 Nov 2023 23:50 collapse

I had just started it again on Dreamcast which is a similar port with Blue Shift included, immediately switched to the new anniversary PC update.

I might try Blue Shift on DC just for fun though, the load times are really rough though.

LifeLikeLady@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 20:54 collapse

If you missed it, the game was free until the 20th. It’s only ¢99 right now.

sour@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 14:41 next collapse


Nacktmull@lemm.ee on 24 Nov 2023 14:49 next collapse

After a pause of several years, I gifted myself all the DLC and went back to playing Dead Cells. I´m also still pretty addicted to Nova Drift, which is on sale atm.

magnus@lemmy.ahall.se on 24 Nov 2023 15:59 next collapse

Built an arcade machine running MAME. We have been playing a lot of Boogie Wings and Windjammers.

magnus@lemmy.ahall.se on 24 Nov 2023 16:00 next collapse

We also had fun playing through Leisure Suit Larry 1 a couple of weeks ago :)

MajorHavoc@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 17:05 collapse

Cool build. Thanks for sharing it!

NeroC_Bass@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 24 Nov 2023 16:15 next collapse

I dusted off my childhood n64 and trying to do a 100% speed run of ocarina of time. It’s been a while since I’ve played it, I think the last time I did a playthrough was when it was re-released for the 3ds.

I already had to start my save over after discovering there’s a glitch, after you get the saw it is impossible to get one of the stick capacity upgrades.

I’ve been streaming it locally to some friends on discord, it’s been a good time.

chunkystyles@sopuli.xyz on 24 Nov 2023 17:04 next collapse

Have you looked into the port? I played it in my Steam Deck earlier this year. It’s phenomenal.

Playing at 60fps with right stock camera controls makes it feel like a new game.

NeroC_Bass@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 24 Nov 2023 19:21 collapse

I have seen it, it looks good and I plan on playing it eventually, but there’s something about that nostalia of playing with the n64 controller… Plus the lag spikes when there’s too many elements on screen, classic.

DuckBilledMongoose@lemmings.world on 24 Nov 2023 21:15 collapse

I really want to play the port but I do most of my retro gaming on the go using my retroid pocket 3. Instead I’ve been playing OOT using the redux patch, which does add quite a few QOL improvements, just no camera control unfortunately.

JowlesMcGee@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 17:08 next collapse

I recently beat the PC port of Chrono Trigger, which was my first time beating it. It held up better than I expected.

Currently I'm switching off between Megaman Battle Network 2, Half Life, and Lost Odyssey. It's my first time playing Lost Odyssey and I'm a little surprised how much I'm enjoying it. It helps that the localization has been really good so far.

koraro@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 20:03 next collapse

I’m still playing Baulders Gate 3 a bit but I also started South Park the Fractured but Whole and I’m really enjoying the easy game play and basically watching an episode of the show.

GrappleHat@lemmy.ml on 25 Nov 2023 00:59 collapse

Cool! Speaking of South Park I surprised to read recently that Earthbound was an inspiration for Trey Parker when creating South Park. Or, at least, one of the South Park games. I see the connection though, a bunch of cute kids in a quaint little town who wind up dealing with epic monsters, aliens, piles of puke, insane adults, etc :D

DuckBilledMongoose@lemmings.world on 24 Nov 2023 21:19 next collapse

I’ve been playing through a few castlevania games. I’ve currently completed super castlevania, rondo of blood and am almost finished with SOTN. All amazing games. Rondo’s soundtrack is so good!

Are there any others I should try? I was thinking of trying to play through the NES trilogy but not sure.

CrayonRosary@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 19:54 collapse

The Gameboy Advance ones are fun. Especially Aria of Sorrow, which got a sequel on Nintendo DS called Dawn of Sorrow. Dawn of Sorrow is one of my favorite games of any series!

Those two games are unique in that the main character, Soma Cruz, can absorb souls from enemies and use them as magic spells. Mostly for attacking, but also for defense or utility. It adds so much variety. Some souls are like progression items and you’re guaranteed to get them at the right time, but most are random drops. Getting more of the same soul (up to 9 of them) makes the effect more powerful, so it leads to farming the same monsters over and over if you like a certain spell and want to level it up.

This mechanic is so fun that when Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi left Konami, he produced Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (not retro) with the exact same mechanic. His own favorite games in the series are SotN, and Aria of Sorrow. Once you’re done having fun with retro Castlevania games, you must try Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! It’s so good!

Bloodstained: RotN even has a built-in randomizer. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with “rando” games, but lots of old-school games have rando versions: Zelda games, Final Fantasy games, SotN, etc. They use logic to randomize the order you get key items, but still allows the game to be completed. In games like SotN, they even randomize which items each enemy drops, so you might get something really powerful from an early enemy.

There are Twitch channels where competitors race against each other in real-time using copies of the ROM created with the same randomizer seed, so they’re all playing the same exact game, but no one knows where anything is. It’s fun and amazing to watch very skilled players play these games where no one knows exactly how to finish it, but they are speed-running it.

SotN is my all-time favorite game, and I’ve played it as rando many times, and the built-in randomizer in RotN is also tons of fun.

The other Nintendo DS games are also great: Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia. All three DS games have such beautiful pixel art.

DuckBilledMongoose@lemmings.world on 26 Nov 2023 19:24 collapse

Nice thanks I’ve just completed sotn so will move onto the gba games!

Yeah I’m somewhat familiar with randomizers. However I’ve only attempted an OOT randomizer myself. Definitely tests your knowledge of the game and keeps it fresh after multiple play throughs. I can see how it’d be fun for a metroidvania style game so might give it a try once I’ve experienced more of the series.

CosmicApe@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 22:01 next collapse

I just rage quit Abe's Oddysee because despite checking a walkthrough for possible missed Mudokons, I managed to miss 3 by the time I got back to Rupture Farms

diemartin@sh.itjust.works on 24 Nov 2023 22:41 next collapse

Ha, I went thru that too a while ago.

MufinMcFlufin@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 00:39 collapse

I was intending to play through that soon, I’ll have to keep that in mind before I do.

CosmicApe@kbin.social on 25 Nov 2023 00:43 collapse

If you haven't played it before and planning on a 100% run, at least find a walkthrough that tells you how many you need to save per level and then do your best to keep count as you progress.

[deleted] on 24 Nov 2023 22:20 next collapse
diemartin@sh.itjust.works on 24 Nov 2023 22:40 next collapse

Finished playing Summon Night Swordcraft Story GBA, playing Ghost Trick Phantom Detective NDS, and started yet again Final Fantasy IV this time on the GBA, all emulated in my Android phone thanks to Lemuroid.

Also started playing Resident Evil 3 PSX on my Android tablet (also Lemuroid).

seaQueue@lemmy.world on 24 Nov 2023 23:15 next collapse

Played through the entirety of FFT:WotL via PPSSPP on my tablet. Great game, first full playthrough since the 90s.

technologicalcaveman@kbin.social on 24 Nov 2023 23:30 next collapse

Deus Ex and System Shock.

AlligatorBlizzard@sh.itjust.works on 24 Nov 2023 23:59 next collapse

Pokemon Ruby, I’m planning on buying a 3ds to mod but for now I’m just playing on my computer. I missed this generation of games and the speed up option on the emulator makes it better although some of the dialogue gets repetitive.

MufinMcFlufin@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 00:38 collapse

Hard mods or soft mods?

AlligatorBlizzard@sh.itjust.works on 25 Nov 2023 02:59 collapse

I’m not sure the difference, but I’m doing the standard mod to allow emulated games and changing the language because the Japanese ones are so much cheaper

MufinMcFlufin@lemmy.world on 29 Nov 2023 17:34 collapse

Hard mods are modifying the 3DS hardware, whereas soft mods are software. The difference is doing something like installing a chip into your 3DS (hard mod) or leaving it with the original hardware and only modifying the operating system to allow third party apps or modifications to the first party apps (soft mods)

Mediocre_Bard@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 00:31 next collapse

World of Warcraft: Retail.

null@slrpnk.net on 25 Nov 2023 00:33 next collapse

Jumped back into Yoshi’s Island recently. So good.

Kolanaki@yiffit.net on 25 Nov 2023 01:28 next collapse

Would X3TC count as retro? It’s from like 2005. I tried playing X4 because fans said it was like X3 but better… But it’s not. It’s so much more convoluted in all the wrong ways. The menus are trash. The RNG sucks. The AI economy is even worse. X3 is still a way better game.

clearleaf@sh.itjust.works on 25 Nov 2023 01:34 next collapse

I’m playing Zelda Link’s Awakening DX. There’s a fan made patch that fixes annoying things like those text boxes popping up every time you pick up an acorn, or when you touch a rock without wearing the strength bracelet. And I was able to continue playing the same save file.

I really didn’t think the game would be all that good but it’s great. The whole island feels very alive and every screen has something special about it. I wouldn’t mind the next generation of Zelda being a little bit like this.

icermiga@lemmy.today on 25 Nov 2023 17:57 collapse

On the remote chance you don’t already know - definitely check out Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. They have the same engine but have much cleverer gameplay and dungeons and much deeper stories.

Todd_cross@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 25 Nov 2023 04:06 next collapse

I was playing Donkey Kong for Gameboy, but save got corrupted when I was near the final level. Then I was playing Pokemon Pinball for Gameboy Color, and Pokemon: Fire Red and Warioware Inc. for Gameboy Advance.

korny@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 15:52 next collapse

Picked up a Wii recently for Gamecube and Wii games I missed out on, just started Paper Mario TTYD.

Hazmatastic@lemm.ee on 25 Nov 2023 18:54 next collapse

In my Steam backlog:

  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire
  • Deus Ex
  • System Shock 2
  • Devil May Cry Collection
  • Styx series
  • Resident Evil 1-4
  • Okami
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
  • Star Wars Pod Racer (just for kicks)

None of them are super retro, but you can definitely tell when I was a kid. These are either games I enjoyed or games I wanted as a kid but never got.

Also need to play through a few Gamecube games for the same reason. Viewtiful Joe is first on the list

dangblingus@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 27 Nov 2023 19:09 collapse

Re-playing Shadows of the Empire on 64 right now. Always loved it as a kid, reading reviews as an adult and I’m shocked to find out it was never highly regarded outside of the opening Hoth level. It felt like a real gamer’s game, hardcore difficulty growing up. The ship levels were so good.

InFerNo@lemmy.ml on 03 Dec 2023 20:20 next collapse

I started Phantasy Star on my Odroid GO Ultra. Was looking for the game on my Master System but the pricing is a little over the top. Purely priced for “collectors” and not gamers.

the16bitgamer@lemmy.world on 07 Dec 2023 01:20 next collapse

I was playing super star wars. But the lava kept killing me

Lunar@lemmy.wtf on 07 Dec 2023 19:03 collapse

Yeah, that part is stupidly hard.

Lunar@lemmy.wtf on 07 Dec 2023 19:06 collapse

Fallout 3 on my Xbox 360 and having a blast with it.