Double Dragon 3D revival announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (
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I have no idea why this logo triggered the soundtrack to Konami’s Contra for the NES in my head. I must have a word with the curator of the earworm museum in my head. on 10 Jul 13:58 collapse

I never understood the devotion this game gets. I didn’t liked it much back in the arcade days. It looked uglier and played much worse than many other brawlers at that time. on 10 Jul 15:08 next collapse

I guess it was early? I was released before most classics in the genre. on 10 Jul 19:31 collapse

It might be, in the arcade venues they used to mix new releases and older ones so it might be the case here. on 10 Jul 16:31 next collapse

Because it was pretty much the very first two player arcade game and it was very good for it’s time. on 14 Jul 15:37 collapse

It was actually probably more like the 30th cooperative two-player game (think Joust and Mario Bros.), but it was the very first side-view beat 'em up of any kind, as opposed to top-down brawlers like Gauntlet, top-down shooters like Ikari Warriors, or side-view shooters like Contra.

Double Dragon became the template for pretty much every brawler that followed, not only in terms of the viewing angle but also the gameplay and large sprites that allowed characters and enemies to have lots of personality.

Double Dragon begat Final Fight, TMNT, The Uncanny X-Men, The Simpsons, etc., but also Altered Beast, Bad Dudes, Golden Axe…

Highly influential game that was really fun to play. on 12 Jul 13:29 collapse

I really enjoyed playing double dragon on master system with my brother