Playing Berzerk (2600) on the Atari VCS
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How is the VCS? Do you like it? on 27 Jan 2024 21:07 next collapse

Yes I do: just another addition to my collection.

I’ve always wanted to play Atari and it turns out the digital games on the Store are dirt-cheap, especially the 2600 and 7800 game ports.

Now I just need to get some older systems later. on 27 Jan 2024 21:54 next collapse

I was confused for a minute. Pretty sure some called the old 2600 a VCS. I could not figure out how you connected an old school console to a modern TV...and had it look good.

I have my old 2600 and the crt TV I used to play on. Both work great the last time I used them. on 27 Jan 2024 22:27 collapse

I’ve done it. It’s perfect playable. And all you need is a cheap RCA to coaxial adapter.

The better solution is to buy an up-scaler though. They range from reasonably priced to outrageously so. on 27 Jan 2024 21:56 next collapse

that game brought hours of fun back in the days of yore. that fuckin smiley face tho… on 27 Jan 2024 23:49 collapse

Evil Otto 🙂 on 27 Jan 2024 22:26 next collapse

Berserk is a favorite of mine! I don’t have a VCS but I wouldn’t mind one… on 27 Jan 2024 22:41 collapse

Nice! I have a friend with an original Berzerk standup.
'intruder alert....' on 28 Jan 2024 05:56 collapse

Humanoid must not escape!