25 Years Ago, PlayStation Was Blessed With An Amazing Advergame (kotaku.com)
from DannyMac@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 05 Mar 2024 15:14

For those unaware, AVGN covered the game quite hilariously: youtu.be/VdVP2XxV3QU (warning: foul language)


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stoy@lemmy.zip on 05 Mar 2024 17:29 next collapse

Dankpods stairs into the camera, while playing the drums to the theme

francisfordpoopola@lemmy.world on 05 Mar 2024 18:46 next collapse

I don’t recall that at all. Crazy.

ElderWendigo@sh.itjust.works on 06 Mar 2024 11:28 next collapse

We’re you living in Japan in the 90s?

numberfour002@lemmy.world on 06 Mar 2024 14:21 collapse

Like that other comment asked: We are you living in Japan in the 90s?

calavera@lemm.ee on 06 Mar 2024 14:45 collapse

Nah, living in Brazil I recall this game, not the ads though

yesman@lemmy.world on 05 Mar 2024 19:21 next collapse

Couldn’t make that today. Western devs would censor those magnificent boobs.

tarmac@lemmy.world on 06 Mar 2024 05:03 next collapse

Pepsimaaaan. Game was a trip. I grabbed the rom recently to take that nostalgic play through but haven’t yet. I totally forgot about the live action dude it showed between levels until this article.

restingboredface@sh.itjust.works on 06 Mar 2024 15:47 next collapse

I had the 7-up game on Sega Genesis even before this was a thing. I’m a little surprised that those kinds of games didn’t become more popular since companies are cramming adverts into every possible medium now.

prettybunnys@sh.itjust.works on 16 Mar 2024 18:09 collapse

Cool Spot was actually a serviceable platformer.

I remember it being “the lion king” levels of frustrating though.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 06 Mar 2024 20:38 collapse

Is this the most prominent example of endless runners before they became a thing?

It is for me.