Finished Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
from to on 03 Sep 2023 15:39

Love this game!

Playing on PinePhone Pro (I use Arch, btw) with Backbone One.

Using RetroAchievements with hardcode mode enabled (i.e. no save states). It’s sad that it’s impossible to share profile.

The last part of the level before the last boss is harder the the boss itself. Spent more lives at this part than in the entire game :)


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You actually can share RA profiles… on 03 Sep 2023 15:49 collapse

Hm… but if I open mine without login I can’t see achievements:

Do I need to have more achievements? Never used achievements before. on 03 Sep 2023 15:55 collapse

Huh. I guess I never realized you had to be logged in to see cheevos. I can see yours when I’m logged in, at least…

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Too bad that login is required :( on 03 Sep 2023 15:51 next collapse

My little brother and I rented this game frequently because of the co-op play. I should give it another go. We’ll see if my wife can handle being my Dale. on 03 Sep 2023 15:54 collapse

Probably one of the best games for NES with co-op. Played with my firends when I was a child, so much fun. on 03 Sep 2023 20:16 collapse

My brothers and I would always throw each other into the bad guys or off a cliff. on 03 Sep 2023 16:31 next collapse

I played this again many years ago on Xbox when the Disney Afternoon Collection came out, along with Rescue Rangers 2, DuckTales 1 & 2, and Darkwing Duck.

The music for these fans was really great, owing to Capcom. DuckTales is basically an unofficial mini Mega Man soundtrack at times (Moon Stage, Transylvania Stage, Mine Stage). Many of the themes from Darkwing Duck also sound like they come from Mega Man 3 specifically, like the ending theme (very bluesy). on 03 Sep 2023 18:54 next collapse

Nice, these little handhelds are the best companions to get rid of your old backlog… That or buy them infinitely set them up and store them forever. on 07 Sep 2023 17:12 next collapse

Now you just have to play chip and dale’s mmorpg on 17 Sep 2023 02:09 next collapse

Never heard of the PinePhone before, how do you like it? on 17 Sep 2023 19:23 collapse

I would say that it’s good for very experienced users. Software is immature, the experience is far from an Android phone. Also specs not quite good (because no one buy will buy an expensive GNU/Linux phone). But I think it’s the most powerful phone (if we talking about Pro version) that can run mainline kernel and have all hardware working. Also see ! on 25 Sep 2023 00:33 collapse

That doesn’t look like it was beaten on a CRT with bunny ears!

Capcom made some great Disney games back in the day. This, duck tales, darkwing duck. All worth while.