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Minecraft, a titan of the video game industry with over 300 million copies sold since its release in 2011, is set to expand its legacy by being ported to two iconic consoles from the past: the Sega Dreamcast and the Nintendo GameCube. This news was announced by A Flock of Meese, a developer known for indie game development efforts.

The port is an unofficial venture, not endorsed by Mojang or Microsoft, which holds the intellectual property rights. A Flock of Meese has been active in social media discussions, showcasing their dedication to recreating Minecraft’s unique experience on these retro systems. They’ve emphasized an intention to replicate mechanics closely while adding a fresh touch through emergent gameplay features.

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Ephera@lemmy.ml on 30 Jun 14:39 next collapse

With that name, I hope the guy is also a fan of Minetest: wiki.minetest.net/Mese_Block


woelkchen@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 14:59 next collapse

Remaking Minecraft on the Nintendo GameCube. My aim is to replicate enough of Minecraft’s mechanics”

A remake is not a port.


It’s no longer even going to be a remake. I get the impression he called it a Minecraft port to generate buzz. I hope he wasn’t misleading people on purpose.

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Noite_Etion@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 16:06 next collapse


jjagaimo@lemmy.ca on 30 Jun 16:26 next collapse

Inb4 cease and desist

woelkchen@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 21:32 collapse

Inb4 cease and desist

Minecraft clones exist. Calling a clone a “Minecraft port” and using that trademark is not the smartest idea, though.

jjagaimo@lemmy.ca on 30 Jun 22:00 collapse

Not from microsoft but rather from nintendo. Same reason portal 64 got axed - the library he used had nintendo proprietary stuff but valve was apprehensive about being sued even if he used an open source library to replace it and didnt use any nintendo software or branding

woelkchen@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 22:10 collapse

Not from microsoft but rather from nintendo. Same reason portal 64 got axed

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AceFuzzLord@lemm.ee on 30 Jun 22:18 next collapse

Depending on how big the game is, I will definitely have to buy some CDs and burn the game to play it on my Dreamcast. Otherwise it’s going straight to an emulator.

GrappleHat@lemmy.ml on 06 Jul 14:32 collapse

This is a remake, not a port. And being so I wonder: “Why not just port Minetest instead? It’d get better longterm support that way. And why reinvent the wheel?”