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What’s the Scoop?

An engineer named Voultar has created a mod called the ‘SNES 2CHIP Edge Enhancer’ that addresses one of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)'s notorious issues — its blurry video output.

Key Points from the Mod:

How Does It Work?

Voultar spent many hours analyzing and dissecting the internal components of the SNES’s DAC in order to understand its shortcomings. His approach was meticulous, ensuring that the mod would not compromise image quality based on specific game content or performance variability. Instead, it offers a consistent sharpening effect for RGB, S-Video, and Composite Video outputs.

Do you own a SNES? Are you thinking about using Voultar’s mod?


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rossome@lemmy.ml on 05 Jul 11:23 next collapse

Been eagerly awaiting this mod since I found my 2-chip in my parent’s attic a year or so ago.

frunch@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 11:55 next collapse

Oh man, based on the title i was hoping there was a fix/mod to stop the slow-down issues when too many sprites are on the screen…

Sounds like a cool breakthrough, nonetheless

ShinkanTrain@lemmy.ml on 05 Jul 11:58 collapse

Look into FastRom and VA1 hacks

Edit: SA-1*

frunch@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 13:10 next collapse

Will do!! Thanks for the suggestions

refurbishedrefurbisher@lemmy.sdf.org on 05 Jul 13:47 collapse


ShinkanTrain@lemmy.ml on 05 Jul 15:59 collapse

Whoops, fixed

jodanlime@midwest.social on 05 Jul 12:57 next collapse

I have Voultar’s mod in my one chip, it’s great for RGB. I also love his YouTube channel.

gofsckyourself@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 14:35 next collapse

$100 though. That’s a bit more than I can justify for myself.

RvTV95XBeo@sh.itjust.works on 05 Jul 16:52 collapse

Hard to fault them though, hard to imagine they are expecting high enough sales volume to drive the price down

yyyesss@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 16:20 next collapse

JAW DROPPING, you say? Can we please stop with the clickbait headlines?

smeg@feddit.uk on 05 Jul 18:58 collapse

Lemmy User SLAMS Internet Journalist

yyyesss@lemmy.world on 06 Jul 03:25 collapse

You won’t BELIEVE what happens next!

MisterMoo@lemmy.world on 06 Jul 04:42 collapse

The internet is losing its mind!

brrt@sh.itjust.works on 06 Jul 09:05 next collapse

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frezik@midwest.social on 07 Jul 01:33 collapse

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Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 20:07 collapse

You called?

Alexstarfire@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 17:24 next collapse

Making the picture sharper makes it look much worse. A bit brighter, sure, but much worse looking. It’s rather odd that most devices like tbis are trying to replicate the CRT look on modern displays and this company is doing the exact opposite. Does someone actually want this?

rustydrd@sh.itjust.works on 05 Jul 19:14 next collapse

How does it work?

Proceeds to not explain how it works.

A_Random_Idiot@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 19:31 next collapse

I mean… Isnt this pointless and entirely defeats the purpose of the pre-High Def consoles?

SNES (and other consoles, like genesis and NES and what have you), Were not made to have radically sharp pixel perfect graphics. They were made to be used on CRTs. The games were designed to take advantage of the natural antialiasing/blurring and shading that was inherent in how a CRT works to create the end product graphic on the screen.

These consoles were never meant to have extra sharp super stand out pixels. They look worse the sharper you make them. Just a comparison of CRT shots vs Emulation shows how much better and detailed they look due to the blurring and depth provided by the way CRTs work.

If someone wants to be revolutionary, they’d create a graphic mod that 1:1 recreates how the graphics looked on the CRT, with the depths, shading, blurring, etc.

MrSpArkle@lemmy.ca on 05 Jul 19:37 next collapse

Yeah, hard agree. There are likely technical benefits to being able to extract a pure image from a real snes, but art-wise it’s not for the best.

SgtLuno@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 21:32 next collapse

I fully agree but disagree at the same time. I think the better way to look at it is that now the end user has a choice. I grew up with emulation and the actual console, and appreciate both approaches. I have a snes, a CRT, as well as a flat screen tv with a scaler. I like being able to choose how I can experience it; like I said, I like both. While it may not be end user accurate, it’s really cool knowing there’s an option for people wanting those crisp pixels.

Feathercrown@lemmy.world on 06 Jul 04:54 collapse

I fully agree but disagree at the same time

Bartsbigbugbag@lemmy.ml on 06 Jul 02:36 next collapse

One chip SNES already have super sharp pixels, this just brings 2 Chip SNES up to the standard set by the one chip models. This won’t make them look sharper than one chip SNES on a CRT, but it will make them look more accurate on them, and it will look better on modern displays also.

A_Random_Idiot@lemmy.world on 06 Jul 14:03 collapse

Making SNES images sharper and clearer is the opposite of more accurate. as I already said in the previous post.

Its not how the game is supposed to look. Its antithetical. it gives you worse graphics that are miles away from what it was supposed to look like.

shinratdr@lemmy.ca on 06 Jul 17:13 next collapse

This isn’t an HDMI mod that pulls from digital signal and outputs to digital, or an RGB mod that bypasses the analogue hardware.

It’s a mod that corrects poor image in some specific models of SNES to bring them to the standard of other models of SNES. Details here: www.retrorgb.com/snesversioncompare.html

I understand what you’re getting at because it’s a common refrain, but the fact that some models of SNES do not exhibit this behaviour strongly indicates it was not how it was supposed to look, and is caused by poor manufacturing tolerances and/or aging caps.

Not all degraded video quality was the intended vision for the device, unless your argument is that a fraying composite cable that you have to jiggle around and a controller with a broken “R” button is also core to the experience. That may have been YOUR experience as a kid, that doesn’t make it the intended vision of the creators.

It’s a fine line, but this falls on the side of early manufacturing errors and not intention.

frezik@midwest.social on 07 Jul 01:38 collapse

There is no “supposed to look”. There are many variations of displays, and not all versions of the SNES were the same. Not all CRTs are the same, either. Not all development environments looked anything like an actual SNES–they may have used very sharp computer monitors.

It’s entirely subjective, usually based on whatever you personally grew up with.

LunarLoony@lemmy.sdf.org on 06 Jul 06:57 collapse

Not at all. Just because a CRT is inherently fuzzy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a nice sharp source image.

VirtualOdour@sh.itjust.works on 06 Jul 07:43 next collapse

I don’t really understand why you’d do this, either you want a retro experience or not? There’s millions of ways to get a better visual experience so why would you modify classic hardware?

Daxtron2@startrek.website on 07 Jul 04:16 collapse

Because we can

frezik@midwest.social on 07 Jul 01:40 next collapse

I wonder if this will also improve compatibility with the OSSC. There’s some weirdness in the SNES output that can be a PITA on the OSSC. Though compatibility is better in later firmware.

01189998819991197253@infosec.pub on 07 Jul 03:34 next collapse

I feel like this is against some Nintendo EULA clause we all unknowingly agreed to or whatever, and that Voultar is about to be in Nintendo’s sights. Nintendo can suck on a tailpipe and shrivel away.

Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 20:03 collapse

Nintendo downvoted you.

01189998819991197253@infosec.pub on 07 Jul 20:30 collapse

Hahahahahaha!! I expected nothing less hahahha!

Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 20:09 collapse

Aw man…I was hoping this made my SNES flat, so that I could place my drinks on top.