The gauntlet (Nes) seems to have some glitches on the retron 2
from to on 26 Oct 2023 22:59 +0000

I just picked up Gauntlet for nes and when I load into room 1 I’m greeted with glitched walls misplaced everywhere which let’s me walk through some. and there’s random items I can’t pick up which means I’m unable to continue in the game past room 1

#retrogaming on 27 Oct 2023 01:49 +0000 next

I didn’t even realise this was released for the snes! Fond memories of it on the spectrum. Might need to crank up the old emulator when I get the time. on 27 Oct 2023 15:01 +0000

NES not SNES on 27 Oct 2023 15:25 +0000

Ah, typo sorry, I was thinking nes when I wrote that, but my fingers must have had their own idea. on 28 Oct 2023 16:52 +0000

Hyperkin’s products, especially the retron line, are generally considered sub-par for this reason. They’re usually just android-based systems that run emulation from a rom they dump from the cart at runtime. Since they’re low-spec and emulation focused without some of the refinements that come to those emulators over time, they have glitches on some games.