The Analogue Pocket will soon come in eight Game Boy Pocket/Advance colors (
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These are stupidly expensive. I’ve seen kits that are 1/3 this price. Or, if you love spending money, machines that do more for the same price. on 16 Nov 2023 14:05 next collapse

A kit? what do you mean? I would love one of these on 16 Nov 2023 15:10 collapse on 16 Nov 2023 15:23 collapse

Just because they’re both FPGA based products does not mean they’re equivalent. The Pocket can use its FPGAs to replicate dozens of different consoles and arcade units. It also has sleep mode and save states when using original cartridges.

Without adapters or OpenFPGA, the pocket can play GB, GBC, GBA original carts. With adapters, you can add in Neo Geo and Game Gear carts, and with open FPGA, you can add in NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, dozens of arcade units, and dozens more I’m just forgetting. I personally have DigDug, Q Bert, and all the ones I mention above on mine.

The hardware alone on the Pocket is a massive upgrade over Funnyplaying, but when you include the OpenFPGA support, they’re not even in the same league. Not to trash the funny playing one, I think it’s great. It’s just not the same product category even imo. on 16 Nov 2023 15:24 collapse

what about what he shared? can it not do that? on 16 Nov 2023 15:30 collapse

Edit: sorry I misread.

No, what he shared cannot do most of that. It can play game boy cartridges though. on 16 Nov 2023 14:21 next collapse

An $80 kit that has an FPGA and swappable cores, super-high resolution screen, to build a machine in a similarly portable form factor? Where exactly have you seen that? on 16 Nov 2023 15:35 collapse

You’re commenting on an FPGA handheld with OLED, not an AliExpress android clone. Where are you seeing kits for less? on 16 Nov 2023 14:59 next collapse

Make a translucent atomic purple one you pricks on 16 Nov 2023 16:56 collapse

They made a range of translucent models that sold out in less than a minute and (surprise, surprise) seemingly all found their way on to eBay for three times the original price. on 17 Nov 2023 01:39 collapse

Of course I missed that and of course they did on 16 Nov 2023 15:32 next collapse

Thing costs as much as a ps5 where I live on 16 Nov 2023 16:06 next collapse

Yeah… I’m gonna stick with my Ayn Odin. Those prices are silly. Kudos to them for finding a market for it though I guess. on 16 Nov 2023 16:17 next collapse

I’ve seen one of these in person and the screen is super nice.

Is it worth buying if you don’t have any gameboy cartridges and would only use it for roms? on 16 Nov 2023 16:31 next collapse

It wasn’t for a long time, but apparently they were able to crack it for emulation. That said, the whole appeal of the Analogue was for the genuine, native playback of physical cartridges. Emulation doesn’t seem to have basic features you’d expect from an emulation device like save states or fast-forward. If I were you, I’d go for something like the RG35xx or the Miyoo Mini + on 17 Nov 2023 13:44 next collapse

If you don’t have cartridges, at the moment it may be hard to justify the price. The reason is the screen - it is so high resolution, it will emulate sub-pixel LCD screen characteristics from the original GB/GBC/GG screens, BUT ONLY for physical cartridges OR GB/GBC games that have been converted to .pocket files (you can do this easily, but it’s still an extra step).

So for most people, it will play similar to the much cheaper Miyoo Mini or other Chinese emulation handhelds.

However, there has been a long-held expectation that Analogue will enable display mode options in the OpenFPGA cores, which would erase this handicap and mean absolutely, if you want to get the real experience of these systems, this is the only game in town. But it hasn’t happened yet. You may not be able to buy a system later though, when it happens, so it’s kind of a gamble. on 21 Nov 2023 08:53 collapse

From what I see it’s extremely limited experience compared to other devices on 16 Nov 2023 17:51 next collapse

Every single product on their website is sold out and instead of producing more Pockets they release an “extremely limited quantity” painted one.

They really want to be the Supreme™ of tech. Fuck this artificial scarcity bullshit. Stick with emulators. on 21 Nov 2023 08:52 collapse

Lol what you can’t even buy a regular one XD what a joke