The Story of The Oregon Trail - The history behind one of the most successful edutainment games of all time, and why the original creators never made a penny. (
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When I find myself with a spare 80+more minutes I’ll have to finish watching that.

Anyone have some time to lend me? on 11 Apr 2024 22:35 next collapse

I think I could beat the game in less time than it takes to watch this video on 11 Apr 2024 22:42 collapse

You don’t have to watch it all in one go, lol on 11 Apr 2024 23:31 collapse

I started with 3 minutes XD on 12 Apr 2024 00:27 next collapse

Kudos to you for starting! Haha on 12 Apr 2024 01:35 collapse

Look at Johnny 5 over here on 12 Apr 2024 01:49 collapse

Just 28 more sessions! on 12 Apr 2024 01:46 next collapse

Intend to watch the full thing later, but I already love his style based on the opening minutes! The interviews remind me of old PBS/Nova style documentaries where so much of them was just letting people talk and tell their stories. Very cool! on 12 Apr 2024 02:07 next collapse

Both PBS and Nova are still around! If you don’t have cable or antenna, anybody who pledges $5 a month can get the app.

Just a head’s up: their children’s programming is a separate app. Unsure if you have to choose which app you want or get both though, I don’t have children so never looked. on 12 Apr 2024 02:15 collapse

Haha, I am aware, thank you on 12 Apr 2024 02:28 collapse

Just when you think the spring drive is over, we find your social media.

PS: To be clear, I am not with PBS. Just a believer in the mission. on 12 Apr 2024 02:56 next collapse

Everyone one of their documentaries is amazing. on 12 Apr 2024 03:50 next collapse

He’s like the Ken Burns of gaming! 😄 on 13 Apr 2024 13:59 collapse

I feel like that’s the exact vibe they go for with these. It feels so authentic, too. VGH clearly has a love of both video game history, and that particular era of documentary programming. on 12 Apr 2024 08:52 next collapse

Great episode on 12 Apr 2024 09:40 next collapse

TLDW? on 12 Apr 2024 14:57 collapse

It’s literally the story of how Oregon Trail came to be. With interviews from the people who made it. Honestly it’s worth a watch if you find early video game development or early computing at all interesting. Video Game Historian puts out some fantastic documentaries and this one is equally fantastic. on 13 Apr 2024 13:57 collapse

Excellent video! If you have the time to watch all of it, do so. The early days of computing were wild!