Good games to talk over?
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ESL here, so bear with me. A friend and I started a channel on YouTube (this is not a sneaky advertising lol), it’s nothing innovative, we just play and talk. Everything started when we were talking about how we use to just sit together in the same couch and play or watch someone play. We used to play a lot of Resident Evil and racing games this way. Our aim isn’t really getting famous, we are just two dudes having a blast playing whatever and talking. We recently finished Super Metroid and we are starting Doom now. Soon we will be finishing X-Files (PS1) and we will start Clock Tower (SNES version).

Do you people have any good recommendation for games that are good to watch but are not so dialogue driven so we can talk over it without missing much?

#retrogaming on 08 Dec 2023 13:22 next collapse

All the Castlevania games. Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow are the best ones, and they’re both very light on dialogue.

Any mascot platformer is also usually light on dialogue but pretty fun. Sonic, Mario, etc. are good to play.

Fighting games are a fun watch and you can actually play with your friend. Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, etc. are a fun time. on 08 Dec 2023 13:37 collapse

Thanks! SotN will be certainly on our list on 08 Dec 2023 13:48 next collapse

Sounds fun! Here’s my favorite relatively chill multiplayer games:

  • ToeJam and Earl - the ultimate chill vibes game, punctuated with moments of panic, of course.
  • Gunstar Heroes - marvel at the peak of 16 bit graphics, blow up badguy robots, find cool gun combinations, repeat
  • Cyborg Justice - incredibly steep learning curve, but a chill repetitive gameplay loop with lots of interesting mechanics to discover
  • Battletoads vs Double Dragon - Probably the best brawler, with lots of interesting twists in gameplay mechanics. But starting with 3 lives is unfair - use the Konami code for a chance to see the whole game. on 08 Dec 2023 13:55 collapse

Thanks! For sure we will revisit Battletoads vs DD. on 08 Dec 2023 15:15 next collapse

Deep rock galactic on 08 Dec 2023 16:28 collapse

We played once but we didn’t record. It’s a great game, I’ll put it on our list. Thanks! on 08 Dec 2023 16:25 next collapse

Subnautica comes to mind. Light on dialogue, but there’s a guiding story which can be completed. Lots of exploration, things to discover, things to run away from. It’s a great game to play while hanging out.

Oh I just noticed we’re in retrogaming. Oops. Oh well. 5 years is kinda retro? ;) on 08 Dec 2023 16:29 collapse

Haha, considering the pace that the industry goes, I guess we can call it retro haha Great idea! Always wanted to play that. Thanks! on 08 Dec 2023 16:59 next collapse

Come on man, you can’t leave us hanging here, what’s the channel name or if allowed a link to it. That way I can give you a follow.

As a suggestion maybe try out some digital pinball. You can compete and is easy to talk over.

Pinball FX have 1 or 2 free tables if I remember correctly and there are plenty you can buy. on 08 Dec 2023 17:08 collapse

I’ll ask the mods, since I don’t know if its allowed, but the link is in my bio. It is in Portuguese tho. Pinball sounds fun, and IIRC my friend really likes it. Great idea, thanks!

Edit: I asked one of the mods, here is the link :) on 08 Dec 2023 17:16 next collapse

Hey the dialogue in DOOM is great.

I’m assuming you’re OK with single player games?

Titanfall 2 campaign is pretty tight, although short.

Outer wilds is definitely something where you can talk all the time while you uncover the mysteries of its universe. It’s not action oriented, but flying around at space finding clues of what’s happening. Do NOT look for spoilers, once you know everything it’s pretty much done.

Castle Crashers is a fun co-op where you can banter all you want. Don’t know how fun it is to watch, I never watch, but you buddie can join in. on 08 Dec 2023 17:19 collapse

Yeah, but doom slayer talk too much Haha

Sure, singleplayer are fine. I’ll take a look on Titanfall and Outer Wilds! I’ve heard about Castle Crashers, it’s a good option for our coop mondays. Thanks! on 10 Dec 2023 08:19 next collapse

The Contra games might be fun. Particularly Contra Hard Corps on Genesis. on 10 Dec 2023 18:34 collapse

Contra is so chaotic! Good idea! Thanks! on 10 Dec 2023 22:41 collapse

Based on my experience of seeing other Let’s Plays, I’d say games which one of you played as a child or knows really well that the other has never played, or perhaps really iconic games which you’ve both never played (so the audience fills in the role of knowing it really well) on 11 Dec 2023 00:26 collapse

This worked in the Super Metroid. My friend never played and I never finished it. Of course there were some moments that can make the people who already know the game roll their eyes haha But it was a super fun journey. Thanks for the insight!