Gbscontrol Wifi Remote (WIP)
from to on 23 Jan 15:47

This is a small project I’m working on for the gbscontrol. It functions as a remote to change saved profiles via wifi using a Raspberry Pi Pico W. With the addition of filters to the analogue pocket dock, I wanted to be able to quickly change presets without having to launch the web UI. When its ready, it will be fully open sourced.

What’s working well:

  1. Using the webui to configure gbscontrol hostname and adding wifi credentials.
  2. Loading profiles and scrolling via the joystick and buttons.
  3. Refreshing profiles via joystick press.
  4. Help messages when it can’t connect to wifi or load options from gbscontrol

What needs improvement:

  1. More status indicators on the screen. It can appear frozen when it’s working.
  2. Make UI more mobile friendly.
  3. Clean up the code base, I don’t use python very often and it shows.
  4. 3D printed enclosure, guess I finally have to go beyond tinkercad.

#retrogaming on 23 Jan 20:25 next collapse

Oh, this is so cool! Great project for sure. I wish I got my GBS-Control working correctly in the first place haha on 23 Jan 20:52 collapse

Yeah if you go the diy route for the gbscontrol it can be a little intimidating without some prior experience. For this project if you get a Pico with headers already soldered, then no soldering is required which should hopefully be useful for people who just bought one off alliexpress. on 24 Jan 20:45 collapse

Right, that’s a smart idea. I’m definitely looking forward to how your project is gonna turn out! on 23 Jan 21:17 collapse

Is that a 3D printed tv? on 23 Jan 21:27 collapse

It is and its from laserbear. I actually think the pocket dock looks better on this little display vs a larger monitor. The downside is you have to use a scaler to get a proper image from the dock (in this case 480p HDMI -> component -> gbscontrol -> display).