Seeking Repairs for My Original GameBoy – Any Suggestions?
from to on 03 Sep 2023 02:11 +0000

Hey there,

I recently found my old Original GameBoy, and it’s definitely showing its age. I’m in search of a place or person who can help me bring it back to life.

Specifically, I’m looking for recommendations for repairing the classic Original GameBoy. If you know of any trustworthy repair shops or individuals who specialize in these, please share your insights.

If you’ve had a good experience with a repair service or have some tips to offer, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, folks!

edit: it has corroded battery terminals, and I live in south-eastern Virginia

#retrogaming on 03 Sep 2023 03:41 +0000 next

This guide might be helpful: ifixit game boy battery corrosion on 03 Sep 2023 05:19 +0000 next

1up restorations modded my NES for RGB - highly recommend them. on 03 Sep 2023 06:33 +0000

I’ve repaired about 20 different Gameboys. The community for Gameboy repair and mods is huge. I suggest watching a few of macho nacho videos on YouTube to work up the nerves to open it. They are so easy to fix, and there is a modern replacement for almost anything you can break. Also take a look at the ifixit guides.